129,000 Pound Truck Route Subcommittee


Jim Kempton - Member, District 4, Idaho Transportation Board

Board Members
Jim Coleman - Vice Chairman, District 1, Idaho Transportation Board
Jan Vassar – District 2
Dwight Horsch - Fourth Voting member*, District 5

Jim Carpenter – Acting Chief Engineer, Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)
Dan Gorley – Bridge Asset Management Engineer, ITD
Alan Frew – Motor Vehicles Administrator, ITD
Tim Horn – Lieutenant, Idaho State Police
Sue Higgins – Executive Assistant to the Board
Representative from the Department of Commerce
Chairman, Idaho Trucking Advisory Council

Larry Allen - Deputy Attorney General
John Tomlinson – Highway Safety Manager, ITD
Vincent Trimboli – Office of Communication Manager, ITD
Mollie McCarty – Government Affairs Manager, ITD
Adam Rush – Public Involvement Coordinator
Jeff Marker – Freight Coordinator, ITD
Reymundo Rodriquez – Motor Carrier Services Manager, ITD
Gustavo Salazar – Overlegal Permit Supervisor, ITD
ITD District Engineer from requested route’s District
Representative from the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council
Others as required


*When the Subcommittee is ready to consider routes in either District 3 or District 6, the Board member from that respective District will be the fourth voting member.