Advisory Boards and Committees

In order to make wise decisions that truly represent the needs of Idahoans, the transportation department relies heavily on the expertise of advisory boards and professional organizations. The following groups meet regularly and make recommendations to ITD staff and the Idaho Transportation Board.

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Aeronautics Advisory Board  The five-member Aeronautics Advisory Board advises the transportation department staff and the Idaho Transportation Board on aviation issues. Members of the Aeronautics Advisory Board are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Idaho Senate to serve staggered three-year terms. The members represent one of five geographic regions of the state. No more than two members may be of the same political party.

Idaho Automobile Dealers Advisory Board  The Idaho Automobile Dealers Advisory Board advises the transportation department in administering and enforcing the Motor Vehicle Dealer and Salesman Licensing Act. The governor appoints seven members for three-year terms.

Idaho Traffic Safety Commission  The Idaho Traffic Safety Commission reviews traffic safety issues, promotes local and state cooperation, recommends programs for federal aid and supports accident prevention. The commission consists of 15 members including the chairs of the Idaho Senate Transportation Committee and the House Transportation and Defense Committee.

Public Transportation Advisory Council  The Public Transportation Advisory Council advises the Idaho Transportation Board on public transportation issues. It is comprised of six members appointed by the Idaho Transportation Board. Members are appointed for staggered, three-year terms.

Public Transportation Interagency Working Group  The Public Transportation Interagency Working Group assists the transportation department in analyzing public transportation needs, identifies areas for coordination and develops strategies for eliminating procedural and regulatory barriers.

Scenic Byway Advisory Committee This 15-member committee advises the transportation board about scenic byway issues, including scenic byway eligibility, establishment and support. Members represent federal, state and tourism interest. There is no fixed term for members or restrictions on the number of members. The committee meets four times annually in Boise.

Technology Transfer Center Advisory Committee  With the completion of the highway needs study and the dissolution of the Local Highway Needs Assessment Council (LHNAC), the Technology Transfer Center Advisory Committee was created. The members will help guide and direct the policies and activities of the Idaho Technology Transfer Center.

Trucking Advisory Council  The seven-member council recommends highway improvements and advises the board on laws and rules that affect Idaho trucking operations and safety issues.