Workshop, Regular Meeting and District 3 Tour

 of the Idaho Transportation Board

June 15-17, 2010


June 15, 2010


District 3 Office

8150 Chinden Boulevard

Boise, Idaho



9:00                 Agenda review/FY11 budget update


9:15                 Federal Reauthorization/Highway Trust Fund balance


9:30                 State revenue forecast


9:50                 FY12 budget request


10:35               FY12 road equipment request


10:55               Break


11:10               Highways project scheduling process & system


11:30               Highway Cost Allocation Study update


11:50               Lunch (on own)


1:00                 Highway Investment Program update


1:45                 Performance measures: highway system


2:05                 Feasibility, Environmental & Early Development policy


2:35                 Hardship right-of-way purchase issues


2:50                 Break


3:05                 Where will we put new money



June 16, 2010

Board Meeting

District 3 Office

8150 Chinden Boulevard

Boise, Idaho


8:30                 BOARD MINUTES – May 19-20, 2010


                         BOARD MEETING DATES

July 21-22, 2010 – District 6

August 18-19, 2010 – District 1

September 15-16, 2010 – District 4


8:35                 CONSENT CALENDAR

                                2015 Statewide Rural Functional Classification Update

                                Snake River Canyon Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan

                                Add 16th Avenue North, 7th Street North to Garrity Boulevard, Nampa

                                                to ARRA Governor’s Discretionary Program

                                Surface Transportation Program (STP)-Local Urban and Transportation

                                                Management Area balancing meeting actions

                                Add O’Gara Road, Milepost 100 to Chief Road, Kootenai County to

                                                FY10 of STP-Local Rural Program

                                Adjust Program for receipt of FY10 obligation authority

                                Adjust Program for receipt of FY09 Interstate Maintenance

                                                Discretionary earmarks

                                Chubbuck Bridge Interchange #61 consultant request

                                Contract award information

                                Professional services agreements and term agreement work task


8:40                 BOARD ITEM




8:50                 PRESENTATION – Idaho Tax Commission


9:20                 PRESENTATION – Semi-annual report on Local Highway Technical

                                     Assistance Council (LHTAC) stimulus projects


                        AGENDA ITEMS

9:30                         LHTAC projects in Preliminary Development


9:45                 BREAK


                        AGENDA ITEMS, continued

10:00                       Partnership survey report

10:20                       Draft FY2011 Strategic Plan

10:30                       Monthly financial statements and highway program obligations

10:45                       Partnership with Sandpoint for project development

10:55                       Idaho’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan


11:15               DISTRICT 3 REPORT


11:30               EXECUTIVE SESSION (working lunch)

                                     PERSONNEL ISSUES [SECTION 67-2345(a),(b)]

                                     LEGAL ISSUES [SECTION 67-2345(c),(d),(f)]


1:30                 DIRECTOR’S REPORT

                                - Progress on the Governor’s Executive Order


1:50                 OLD/NEW BUSINESS

                                After action review



June 17, 2010

District 3


                         DISTRICT 3 TOUR

7:00                         Depart District 3 Office, 8150 Chinden Boulevard, Boise

7:30                         Arrive Oxford Suites, 1426 S. Entertainment Avenue

8:00                         Depart Oxford Suites, SH-55 north

9:30                         Arrive Banks Maintenance Shed

9:45                         Depart Banks; Banks-Lowman Highway east

10:30                       Arrive Lowman Maintenance Shed; staff presentations; lunch

12:30                       Depart Lowman, Banks-Lowman Highway west

1:30                         Arrive Garden Valley Airstrip; staff presentation

2:30                         Depart Garden Valley, Banks-Lowman Highway and SH-55 south

3:45                         Arrive District 3 Office; tour ends








*All listed times are estimates only. The board reserves the right to move agenda items and adjust the time schedule.