Regular Meeting and District 1 Tour

 of the Idaho Transportation Board


July 13-14, 2011




July 13, 2011

District 1




                         DISTRICT 1 TOUR

8:00                             Depart AmeriTel Inn, 333 Ironwood Drive, Coeur d’Alene

8:15                             Arrive Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive

8:45                             Arrive Eastside Highway District; meet with officials

9:15                             Depart Eastside Highway District; I-90 west, US-95 north

9:40                             Arrive Coeur d’Alene Airport; meet with Airport Manager Delavan

10:10                           Depart Coeur d’Alene Airport; US-95 north

10:30                           Arrive Silverwood; meet with Silverwood Park officials

11:15                           Depart Silverwood

11:30                           Arrive Farragut State Park; lunch; meet with Department of Parks

                                                and & Recreation employee Randall Butt

12:30                           Depart Farragut State Park; SH-53 south

1:00                             Arrive Rathdrum; meet with city officials

1:30                             Depart Rathdrum; SH-41 south, I-90 west

2:30                             Arrive Huetter Rest Area

3:00                             Depart Huetter Rest Area; I-90 east

3:15                             Arrive AmeriTel Inn; tour ends





July 14, 2011

District 1 Office

600 North Prairie

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


8:00                 BOARD MINUTES – June 15-16, 2011


                         BOARD MEETING DATES

August 17-18, 2011 – District 3

September 21-22, 2011 – District 6

October 26-27, 2011 – District 5


8:05                 CONSENT CALENDAR

                                FY11 annual report of activities to Board of Examiners

                                Contract award information

                                Professional services agreements and term agreements work task report

                                Speed minute entry changes for May and June 2011

                                Administrative and legal settlements of right of way acquisitions

                                Annual report on expenditures from the State Railroad Grade

                                     Crossing Protection Fund


                         BOARD ITEMS


8:10                 DELEGATION – Bonner County Area Transportation Team,

                                     County Commissioner Lewis Rich


8:20                 DELEGATION – City of Sandpoint, Mayor Gretchen Hellar


8:30                 DELEGATION – City of Ponderay, Mayor Carol Kunzeman


8:40                 DELEGATION – Selkirk Pend Oreille Transit, Manager Marion Johnson


8:50                 DELEGATION – City of Post Falls, Mayor Clay Larkin


9:05                 ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY AWARD: Katie Burke and

                         VOLUNTEER SERVICES AWARD: Ernie Carr


9:15                 DELEGATION – Boundary County, Commissioner Denning:

                                     Wild Horse Trail State Scenic Byway


9:30                 DELEGATION – Solar Roadways, Scott Brusaw


9:45                 BREAK


                        AGENDA ITEMS

10:00                       Public Transportation Advisory Council/Community Transportation

                                     Association of Idaho annual update – District 1

10:45                       Overlegal permit fees

11:00                       Proposed Trucker Advisory Council

11:05                       Central issue rollout – project completion

11:15                       Monthly financial statements and highway program obligations


11:25               EXECUTIVE SESSION (working lunch)

                                     PERSONNEL ISSUES [SECTION 67-2345(a),(b)]

                                     LEGAL ISSUES [SECTION 67-2345(c),(d),(f)]


12:30               DIRECTOR’S REPORT


                        AGENDA ITEMS, continued

1:00                         2012 legislative idea review and recommendation

1:25                         Development of performance measures

1:40                         Overview of utilities process

1:55                         Revisions to Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices


2:00                 DISTRICT 1 REPORT: District Engineer Damon Allen


2:20                 OLD/NEW BUSINESS



*All listed times are in Pacific Time and are estimates only. The Board reserves the right to move agenda items and adjust the time schedule.