Regular Meeting and District 5 Tour

 of the Idaho Transportation Board


October 26-27, 2011




October 26, 2011

District 5




                         DISTRICT 5 TOUR

10:00                       Depart AmeriTel Inn, 1414 Bench Road, Pocatello, I-15 south

10:30                       Arrive McCammon, tour US-30 corridor/GARVEE projects

11:15                       Travel US-30 east

11:30                       Arrive Lava Hot Springs; lunch and meeting with Lava Foundation

                                                and city officials

1:00                         Depart Lava Hot Springs, US-30 east and SH-34 south

2:30                         Arrive Preston Airport; meet with Aeronautics Advisory Board and

                                                 tour Preston Airport

3:00                         Depart Preston, US-91 and I-15 north

4:00                         Arrive AmeriTel Inn, Pocatello; tour ends





October 27, 2011

District 5 Office

5151 South 5th Avenue

Pocatello, Idaho



8:30                 BOARD MINUTES – September 21-22, 2011


                         BOARD MEETING DATES

November 16, 2011 – Boise

December 14-15, 2011 – Boise

January 18-19, 2012 – Boise


8:35                 CONSENT CALENDAR

                                 Delay Dufort Road and Northwest Bypass Road Railroad Crossing

                                     Projects to FY12 of the Federal Rail Program

                                 Delete Board Policy B-01-18, Coordination with Traveler Services

                                     System Advisory Council

                                 Contract award information

                                 Professional services agreements and term agreements work task report

                                 Report of speed minute entry changes for August and September


                         BOARD ITEMS

                                - Chairman’s report


8:40                 DIRECTOR’S REPORT


9:00                 ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY AWARD:

                                - Blackfoot National Guard and Pocatello Unitarian Fellowship


                        AGENDA ITEMS

9:10                         Report on partnerships related to school transportation

9:30                         Monthly financial statements and highway program obligations


9:40                 BREAK


                        AGENDA ITEMS, continued

10:00                       Request approval of a design build project; design-build process update

10:40                       Aquifer recharge inquiry


10:50               DISTRICT 5 REPORT


11:10               EXECUTIVE SESSION (working lunch)

                                PERSONNEL ISSUES [SECTION 67-2345(a),(b)]

                                LEGAL ISSUES [SECTION 67-2345(c),(d),(f)]


11:50               OLD/NEW BUSINESS




*All listed times are estimates only. The board reserves the right to move agenda items and adjust the time schedule.