Regular Meeting and District 4 Tour

 of the Idaho Transportation Board


August 14-15, 2013





August 14, 2013

District 4




                         DISTRICT 4 TOUR

8:15                             Depart Best Western, 800 North Overland, Burley

8:30                             Arrive Burley Airport; pick up passengers

8:45                             Tour Cassia County road projects

11:45                           Arrive Elba Park: discussion of Mini-Cassia voucher system with

                                                A to B Services & LINC

12:00                           Lunch at Elba Park

1:00                             Depart Elba Park

1:45                             Arrive Kodiak America, Burley

3:00                             Depart Kodiak America

3:15                             Arrive Best Western, 800 North Overland; meeting with

                                                Kevin Iversen, Transystems on 129,000 pound loads

4:30                             Tour ends




August 15, 2013

Little Theater

King Fine Arts Center

No. 1, Bobcat Boulevard

Burley, Idaho



8:30                 BOARD MINUTES – July 10-11, 2013

                                                           – July 29, 2013


                         BOARD MEETING DATES

September 18-19, 2013 – District 1

October 23-24, 2013 – District 3

November 20-21, 2013 – Boise

December 11-12, 2013 – Boise


                         CONSENT CALENDAR

                                FY13 account write-off

                                Approval of policies for Allocation of Federal Formula Highway

                                     Apportionments to Local Public Agencies

                                Add Eco-Logical Connectivity to FY13 of the State Planning and

                                     Research Program

                                Adjustments to the approved FY13-17 Public Transit Program

                                Community Choices for Idaho Advisory Committee

                                FY13 Performance Measurement Report for Division of Financial

                                     Management and Legislative Services Office

                                Add SH-52, Emmett Irrigation District Landslide Repair to State FY14

                                     of the Board Unallocated Program


                         INFORMATIONAL CALENDAR

                                Return check report for FY13

                                Summary of FY13 budget vs. actual out-of-state travel

                                Non-construction service contracts by Business and Support Management

                                Contract award information

                                Professional services agreements and term agreements work task report

                                Administrative and legal settlements of right-of-way acquisitions

                                IPLAN project – monthly status update

                                Report of speed minute entry changes for July 2013

                                Annual report on State Railroad Grade Crossing Protection Fund


8:35                  DIRECTOR’S REPORT


9:05                 ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY AWARD: First Federal employees, Burley


                        AGENDA ITEMS

9:10                         District 4 Public Transportation Advisory Council update

9:25                         Idaho Statewide Rail Plan Update

9:40                         Administrative Rule 39.02.60 amendments


9:50                 BREAK


                        AGENDA ITEMS, continued

10:10                       Clarifying terminology regarding program publications

10:20                       End of FY13 adjustments to the federal-aid formula highway program

10:35                       Monthly financial statements

10:40                       August 2013 revenue forecast and FY15 proposed budget request

11:05                       2014 draft legislation

11:20                       Designate expressway


11:30               DISTRICT 4 REPORT


11:55               EXECUTIVE SESSION (working lunch)

                                PERSONNEL ISSUES [SECTION 67-2345(a),(b)]

                                LEGAL ISSUES [SECTION 67-2345(c),(d),(f)]


                        AGENDA ITEMS, continued

2:00                         Proposed Rules Governing Marking of Hazards to Air Flight – 39.04.02..... 214

2:10                         Proposed Rules Governing Idaho Airport Aid Program – IDAPA 39.04.04

2:20                         Proposed Rules Governing Safety Rest Areas – IDAPA 39.03.50


2:25                 POLICY INTRODUCTION

                                Board Policy 4011, Idaho Transportation Investment Program

                                                (formerly B-11-01 and B-11-02)

                                     Administrative Policy 5011, Idaho Transportation Investment Program

                                4029, Cooperative Agreement for Construction of State Highways

                                                (formerly B-19-01 and B-14-08)

                                     5029, Cooperative Agreement for Construction of State Highways

                                4030, Surface Transportation Program Rural Exchange Program

                                                (formerly B-11-06)

                                     5030, Surface Transportation Program Rural Exchange Program

                                Board Policy 4031, Early Development Program (formerly B-11-08)

                                Board Policy 4032, Local Bridge Inspection Funds (formerly B-19-08)

                                     Administrative Policy 5032, Local Bridge Inspection Funds


2:35                 OLD/NEW BUSINESS

                                Revisions to IDAPA 39.03.22, Rules Governing Overlegal Permits for

                                     Extra-length Vehicle Combinations, docket 39-0322-1301

                                Revisions to IDAPA 39.03.22, Rules Governing Overlegal Permits for

                                     Extra-length Vehicle Combinations, docket 39-0322-1302


2:45                 ADJOURN (estimated time)





*All listed times are estimates only. The board reserves the right to move agenda items and adjust the time schedule.