Transportation Board Subcommittee on


Additions to and Removals from the State Highway System


June 21, 2000


Transportation Board Vice Chairman Jack Combo and Member Monte C. McClure, Local Highway Technical Assistance Council Administrator Joe Haynes, Assistant Chief Engineer of Development (ACE-D) Steve Hutchinson, Transportation Planning Administrator (TPA) Charles Rountree, Senior Transportation Planner Garry Young, and Secretary to the Board Sue Higgins, met at 8:15 AM in Room 200 at the Transportation Department, Boise, on Wednesday, June 21.  Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Jack McMahon and Public Affairs Officer Jeff Stratten were also in attendance.


The meeting was held to discuss the public hearing process outlined in Idaho Code and Administrative Policy A-09-06, State Highway System – Additions and Removals.  The Department has not always been conducting public hearings when relinquishing or adding mileage to the state highway system.  The issue before the subcommittee was to either revise Idaho Code and policy to remove this requirement, or to ensure the public hearing process is followed and consider changes to the Department’s policies to strengthen this requirement.


Member McClure believes it may be beneficial to the Department to conduct hearings, particularly when the public supports the proposed transaction.   ACE-D Hutchinson summarized the procedure to conduct systems action hearings in conjunction with projects constructing new alignments.   However, he added that not much focus is given to the relinquishment, but rather the focus is on the project itself.  He expressed concern with proposing legislation on this issue and discouraged that route.


TPA Rountree stated that if the relinquishment of a state route is on a city council’s agenda, that could be considered a public hearing and in compliance with the current policy.  Vice Chairman Combo said that the Department’s practice has been to negotiate with the local entity and reach an agreement for system changes.  He provided a brief history of the legislative change around 1990 requiring consent of the local jurisdiction for state highway relinquishments.  Mr. Haynes added that local entities also must hold public hearings if they relinquish right-of-way.


DAG McMahon questioned the language in the administrative policy regarding conducting public hearings and also the requirement to hold hearings in rural areas.  Member McClure suggested DAG McMahon provide an opinion on the need to hold hearings in rural areas and provide guidance to staff on conducting hearings for state highway system additions and removals.  It was also recommended that Public Affairs be involved in revising the policies, then the revised policies are to be circulated to the Subcommittee.


Regarding a suggested change to the draft revised policy, Mr. Haynes questioned the term “grid”.  Mr. Young stated that “network” might be a more appropriate description.


The rating evaluation of selected routes on the state highway system as of June 13, 2000 was reviewed.  Mr. Haynes asked if the overlay has been completed on SH-4.  ACE-D Hutchinson responded that the project was delayed and the overlay has not been done.  Mr. Haynes added that the local jurisdiction may be interested in acquiring SH-64, but it would like the right-of-way plans for that route, and none have been located.


The meeting adjourned at 8:55 AM.




Respectfully submitted by:


Secretary to the Board