Idaho Transportation Board Subcommittee on


State Highway System Adjustments


April 21, 2005



Idaho Transportation Board Vice Chairman Jack Combo, and Members Monte C. McClure (Subcommittee Chair) and Gary Blick, Local Highway Technical Assistance Council Administrator Joe Haynes, Deputy Director/Transportation Planning Administrator Charles Rountree, and Chief Engineer Steve Hutchinson met at 5:15 PM on Thursday, April 21, 2005 at the Transportation Department District 4 Office in Shoshone. ITD Director Dave Ekern, District 4 Engineer (DE) Devin Rigby, Secretary to the Board Sue Higgins, and several local representatives were also present.


Extension of SH-46, Wendell to Buhl. Mr. Haynes mentioned that the local officials have hired a negotiator to acquire the additional right-of-way along the Wendell to Buhl route. The locals are responsible for right-of-way acquisition before the state will assume jurisdiction of the route. He believes the negotiator needs clarification on the option to secure the right-of-way “either by purchase options or actual acquisition” as stated in the memorandum of understanding (MOU).


The negotiator, Larry Rincover, expressed some reluctance to acquire right-of-way through the purchase option because of uncertainties in the future. He prefers buying the right-of-way with a payout schedule, although he does not know who will provide the money to purchase the right-of-way.


Mr. Haynes believes obtaining purchase agreements are more beneficial to the local entities, as the local jurisdictions do not have all of the funds needed to acquire the right-of-way at this time.


DE Rigby stated that Mr. Rincover used his right-of-way knowledge to determine how much land would be required. No formal survey has been conducted. In response to Chairman McClure’s question, it was reported that an additional 50 feet, 25 feet on each side of the road, is needed. Buhl Highway District Commissioner Marvin Cox added that a portion of the land is owned by the Bureau of Land Management. He believes acquiring the right-of-way from the top of the grade south to Buhl, approximately three miles, is a concern because of proposed development. Mr. Haynes reminded him that the Planning and Zoning Commission should be involved and could require the developer to contribute right-of-way.


Mr. Rincover said that elements other than the cost of the right-of-way need to be considered, such as relocating fences and irrigation systems.


Chairman McClure believes purchasing the right-of-way is preferred over the purchase option. He asked if the MOU needs to be modified to include either method. Mr. Rincover replied that the MOU states either purchase or purchase options to acquire the right-of-way.


Mr. Haynes stated that it will take some time to acquire the right-of-way because of the locals’ limited resources. Chairman McClure believes the locals will be able to acquire the right-of-way cheaper than the state could. He also referenced the earlier comment about relocating amenities and stated that fences and irrigation systems will not need to be moved until road improvements are made.  Member Blick suggested that Mr. Rincover include money in the purchase agreement to relocate the necessary items in the future.


Member Combo asked if someone will contact the Twin Falls County Planning and Zoning Commission regarding the proposed development. He also questioned the access control policy on this route. Commissioner Cox believes their policy is to allow access at 640-foot intervals.


The meeting adjourned at 5:40 PM.





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Idaho Transportation Board