Idaho Transportation Board Subcommittee on


State Highway System Adjustments


March 20, 2007



Idaho Transportation Board Subcommittee on State Highway System Adjustments Chairman Monte C. McClure and Members Gary Blick and Jim Coleman, Local Highway Technical Assistance Council Administrator Joe Haynes, Transportation Planning & Programming Administrator Matt Moore, Chief Engineer (CE) Steve Hutchinson, and ex-officio member/Federal Highway Administration representative Scott Frey met at 3 PM on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 at the Idaho Transportation Department, Boise, Idaho. District 4 Engineer (DE) Devin Rigby, Senior Transportation Planner Garry Young, Secretary to the Board Sue Higgins, and local representative Larry Rincover were also present.


SH-79, City of Jerome, District 4. CE Hutchinson provided background on the proposal to relinquish SH-79 to the City of Jerome. In June 2006, the Subcommittee reviewed a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and provided guidance on the proposal. DE Rigby reviewed the revised MOU, which states that the Transportation Department will:

- provide $160,000 for operations and maintenance;

- fund a rehabilitation project on the route, currently estimated at $1,440,000;

- fund the actual cost of a seal coat project, estimated at $140,000;

- perform signal warrant analysis for D and I Streets in 2010 and if signals are warranted, program funding; and

- upon payment of the $160,000, relinquish jurisdiction of SH-79 (2.564 miles) to the City of Jerome, exclusive of the I-84 state right of way.


Instead of specifying the dollar amount for each item in the MOU, Mr. Haynes suggested providing one lump-sum payment, and then after the relinquishment is made to the City, ITD would have no further commitments to the City for the route. Some discussion followed on that proposal, including the reference to the Department’s policy to fund traffic signals on a proportionate basis.


In response to Member Coleman’s question on the details of the rehabilitation project, DE Rigby responded that Jerome would like additional work included in the project, such as landscaping and sidewalks. The intent is for ITD to provide the money and the City will oversee the project. DE Rigby added that the rehabilitation project is programmed in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program: the money is available this fiscal year.


DE Rigby said the only additional money being provided under the MOU is a $160,000 payment for operations and maintenance. The other projects (rehabilitation and sealcoat) would be done by ITD if the route remains on the state system. Also, the Department would be responsible for the costs of traffic signals for the SH-79 legs when signals are warranted.


In response to Chairman McClure’s question on whether the signals will be warranted by 2010, DE Rigby responded that he believes one will be. He is uncertain if both will be warranted.


Chairman McClure asked if the one-time lump-sum payment will be an acceptable offer to the City. Mr. Haynes replied that he believes the City of Jerome will accept the proposal.


Member Coleman said the payments in the proposed MOU total approximately $1.96 million. He suggested rounding the amount to $2 million.


The consensus of the Subcommittee was to have DE Rigby revise the MOU to reflect a $2 million payment to the City of Jerome outlining what the funding is to cover (operations and maintenance; a rehabilitation project; a seal coat; and traffic signals if warranted) and upon payment, ITD would relinquish SH-79 and have no further responsibilities to the City of Jerome for the route. If the City of Jerome approves the revised MOU, the proposal should be presented to the Transportation Board for consideration, tentatively at its May 2007 meeting in District 4.


ACTION: Hutchinson (Rigby)  DUE: May 2, 2007


Extension of SH-46, Wendell to Buhl, District 4. Both the Wendell and Buhl Highway Districts submitted letters to the Subcommittee with a financial update on the right-of-way acquisition for the extension of SH-46. Larry Rincover, who the local officials hired to obtain the right-of-way, said all of the appraisals for the Wendell Highway District have been completed and the local entity has expended all of its funds. It needs approximately $530,000 to complete the acquisition. The Buhl Highway District has about $160,000 available for its right-of-way activities, but needs an additional $500,000.


Member Blick asked if the locals can apply for additional funds from LHTAC. Mr. Haynes responded that yes, the highway districts may apply for more money. He said the Buhl Highway District did not apply this past year because it had not expended all of its existing funds. He added that the maximum allowable amount for funding is $100,000 annually. Member Blick suggested the highway districts should continue applying for funds and acquire the right-of-way as funding becomes available.


In response to Chairman McClure’s question on the time line, Mr. Rincover said that timing is critical for the right-of-way on the north side of the Snake River. The appraisals have been completed and offers are being made. The Buhl side is not as urgent as no offers have been made. He added that after the appraisals are complete, the ITD Right-of-Way Section reviews them, so there is another step for the south-side parcels.


Chairman McClure suggested using State Board Unallocated Account funds for the right-of-way acquisition. He believes funds in both FY07 and FY08 could be used if necessary.


Member Blick supported using State Board Unallocated money because it would allow the locals to proceed with the right-of-way acquisition. Chairman McClure added that due to the urgency of the Wendell Highway District’s project, FY07 funds could be utilized for the north side and FY08 funds could be provided to the Buhl Highway District. Member Blick added that the Buhl Highway District needs to expend its existing funds before state funds are provided.


Mr. Haynes emphasized the local entities’ desire to proceed with this project. Member Blick added that discussions to make this route a state highway date back to 1947.


The consensus of the Subcommittee was to seek Transportation Board approval at its March 21, 2007 meeting to use Board Unallocated Account funds for right-of-way acquisition for the extension of SH-46, Wendell to Buhl.  


ACTION: Hutchinson   DUE: March 21, 2007


Old/New Business. Mr. Haynes reported that discussions are continuing on the relinquishment of a portion of SH-25.


Chairman McClure asked if the possible relinquishment of the I-84 Business route in Nampa should be revisited. He believes Garrity Boulevard and the Nampa-Caldwell Boulevard should be removed from the state system due to the construction of the I-84, Karcher Interchange. Mr. Haynes concurred to follow-up on this issue.


ACTION: Haynes  DUE:  next meeting


Member Blick said the City of Twin Falls has expressed interest in re-routing US-30 within the City. There are issues with the proposal, including railroad tracks. CE Hutchinson added that access is also a major issue.


Member McClure also said the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho has an issue it may bring to the Subcommittee in the near future. The long-range plan for the Treasure Valley includes a new north-south corridor in the vicinity of McDermott Road and an east-west corridor in the vicinity of Kuna-Mora Road. Additionally, there have been discussions to extend SH-16 south to I-84. Apparently the question frequently arises as to who would have jurisdiction of these routes.


The meeting adjourned at 4:05 PM.





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