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Idaho Transportation Board Subcommittee on


State Highway System Adjustments


January 18, 2012



Idaho Transportation Board Subcommittee on State Highway System Adjustments Chairman Gary Blick and Transportation Board Chairman Darrell Manning and Member Lee Gagner met at 7:40 AM on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at the Idaho Transportation Department, Boise, Idaho. Chief Engineer (CE) Tom Cole, Deputy Attorney General Larry Allen, Executive Assistant to the Board Sue Higgins, District 3 Engineer (DE) Dave Jones, and Planning and Program Management staff member Mary Lockwood were also present.



Proposed Relinquishment of US-95 Spur, Payette, District 3. DE Jones presented the finalized road closure and maintenance agreement with the City of Payette. The agreement, upon Board approval, transfers the US-95 Spur in Payette to the City of Payette in exchange for ITD funding a traffic signal at the US-95 and SH-52 intersection. The estimated cost of the signal is $200,000. DE Jones reported that the funding has been secured.


CE Cole noted the agreement has been signed by the City and ITD. He said future agreements will be changed to incorporate language indicating these agreements will not be final or effective until the Board approves.


Member Gagner made a motion to approve the referenced road closure and maintenance agreement with the City of Payette and to submit it to the transportation board for consideration. Chairman Manning seconded the motion and it passed unopposed.



New Business – SH-69, District 3. DE Jones said he had been asked to explore the feasibility of transferring SH-69 to Ada County Highway District (ACHD) in exchange for ITD right-of-way the local agency needs for its 30th Street Extension project. Staff conducted a rating of the 7.8-mile road, which resulted in a score of 49.  DE Jones emphasized this was just for the Subcommittee’s information. Consideration is also being given to the potential relinquishment of SH-44. No contact has been made with ACHD regarding a potential agreement. CE Cole added that a small piece of Fairview Avenue is still on ITD’s system and should be relinquished to ACHD.



The meeting adjourned at 7:50 AM.




Respectfully submitted by:


Executive Assistant & Secretary

Idaho Transportation Board

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