Idaho Transportation Board Subcommittee on


State Highway System Adjustments


October 17, 2012


Idaho Transportation Board (ITB) Subcommittee on State Highway System Adjustments Chairman Lee Gagner and ITB Members Dwight Horsch and Julie DeLorenzo met at 10 AM on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at the Idaho Transportation Department, Boise, Idaho. Chief Engineer (CE) Tom Cole, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Larry Allen, Executive Assistant to the Board Sue Higgins, District 3 Engineer (DE) Dave Jones, Transportation Planning Coordinator (TPC) Sonna Lynn Fernandez, and Local Highway Technical Assistance Council representative Wayne Herbel were also present.


I-84 Business, Caldwell, District 3. DE Jones said the City of Caldwell is receptive to assuming jurisdiction of about 8 miles of I-84 Business for $5.5 million. This transaction may be contingent on a project to widen US-20/26 east of I-84. The City funded widening half-mile of the state highway from I-84 east and would like ITD to widen the route another 1.5 miles because of recent economic opportunities: the creation of a foreign trade zone at the Caldwell Airport. The widening project is estimated to cost $12 million. Although the two issues are separate, DE Jones believes ITD has some leverage if they are tied together. He requested guidance on proceeding.


CE Cole noted that there are some projects in the Idaho Transportation Improvement Program (ITIP) to improve I-84B. He suggested using the relinquishment of I-84B as incentive for the widening project and transferring some of the programmed money from the I-84B project to the US-20/26 project. That may enable the widening project to be constructed sooner; otherwise, the total for the two projects is over $17 million, which may be difficult to fund.


DAG Allen recommended taking this issue to the full Board for its consideration at this time because there is more involved than a system transaction. If this is pursued, a project will need to be added to the ITIP.


DE Jones said the widening project could be placed in Early Development, enabling staff to begin design work on it. An environmental document project for that corridor is currently in the ITIP. Some right-of-way will need to be acquired and the city offered assistance with right-of-way and zoning issues.


Member DeLorenzo made a motion to recommend to the full Board to authorize DE Jones to proceed with the proposal to relinquish the I-84 Business route to the City of Caldwell in conjunction with widening 1.5 miles of US-20/26 east of I-84. Member Horsch seconded the motion and it passed unopposed.


I-84 Business, Glenns Ferry, District 3. DE Jones said there has been some legislative and county interest in completing the half interchange on I-84 at Glenns Ferry. To date, city officials have not requested a full interchange. He requested economic information from the local representatives to justify the project, but has not received that information yet. If the project cannot be justified, he would recommend that the Board consider funding it if it includes relinquishing I-84B to the city. He added that this item is informational at this time.


Simco Road, District 3. After DE Jones received a request from the Mountain Home Highway District to add Simco Road to the state highway system, he requested a rating of the route from the Planning/Programming Management Section. TPC Fernandez said it scored 56. The previous rating in 1998 resulted in a score of 48. The rating was higher this time due to an increase in the average daily traffic count.


Because the policy recommends a score of 70 to consider adding routes to the state system, Chairman Gagner suggested not pursuing this transaction.


Member Horsch made a motion to recommend to the full Board that staff not pursue adding Simco Road to the state highway system at this time due to the rating of 56. Chairman Gagner seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Fairview Avenue/Old US-30, Boise, District 3. DE Jones presented a draft agreement with Ada County Highway District (ACHD). ITD would pay $550,000 to rehabilitate the pavement and then relinquish a segment of old US-30. The off-system route inadvertently remained under ITD ownership after the US-20, Chinden to Broadway project was constructed about 20 years ago.  DE Jones said he has had some preliminary negotiations with ACHD on this proposal. He recommended using Board Unallocated Funds.  He requested guidance on the next steps.


Member DeLorenzo made a motion to recommend to the full Board to authorize DE Jones to proceed with a road closure and maintenance agreement with ACHD for the transfer of old US-30/Fairview Avenue for a negotiated amount, estimated at $550,000. Chairman Gagner seconded the motion and it passed unopposed.


Policy and Procedures Review. CE Cole referenced the Board’s desire to review every policy. As part of that project, staff is recommending consolidating policies that address similar subject matters. Other changes such as using hyperlinks to documents such as Idaho Code, versus incorporating language from Idaho Code directly in the policy, are also being recommended. Based on that philosophy, he recommended revisiting the Board and Administrative Policies B-09-06 and A-09-06, State Highway System Adjustments. Some of the language in the existing policies would be moved to procedural manuals.


Without objection, the Subcommittee concurred to have staff reformat the above policies and bring them back to the Subcommittee.


The meeting adjourned at 10:55 AM.




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Executive Assistant & Secretary

Idaho Transportation Board