Idaho Transportation Board
Subcommittee on Enhancement Program

The Board Subcommittee on the Enhancement Program was established to provide guidance on administering the federal Enhancement Program. The purpose of the Enhancement Program is to preserve and create in Idaho more livable communities where roads blend with and preserve the natural, social, and cultural environment, by using the flexible and innovative funding and design features of the enhancement funds. Projects related to surface transportation are funded with an emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle enhancements followed by historic enhancements and scenic and environmental activities.

Members of the Subcommittee are Transportation Board Members Jan Vassar and Neil Miller and a Federal Highway Administration representative. The Intermodal Planning Manager and Local Highway Technical Assistance Council Administrator are ex-officio members. A Senior Transportation Planner in the Division of Transportation Planning and the Secretary to the Board provide assistance.

The Board Subcommittee meets on an as-needed basis. Subcommittee meetings are open to the public. For additional information contact the Board Secretary, Sue Higgins, at

Meeting schedule and Agendas

   September 15, 2006