Mission Statement

Idaho Transportation Department's mission is to provide cost-effective transportation systems that are safe, reliable and responsive to the economical and efficient movement of people and products.

The duties of the transportation department involve all modes of statewide transportation to move commerce, out-of-state visitors, and Idaho's population of 1.2 million. Idaho's transportation system is the backbone of the state's economy. Safe and efficient roads, bridges, airports, railroads, and ports promote the expansion of Idaho.



In 1951, the Department of Highways was recognized and placed under the direction of a Board. In 1974, the Department of Highways became the Idaho Transportation Department.

Earle V. Miller, who was then the State Highway Engineer, established the Engineer-In-Training (EIT) program in 1952. Mr. Miller's foresight has provided ITD with a program that supplies the Department with a pool of Engineers capable of meeting its technical and managerial needs. The administration of the EIT program remains the responsibility of the Chief Engineer.

ITD has six administrative districts that are each directed by a District Engineer. These Administrative Districts perform activities required for planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the state highway system.


Idaho's Districts
District 1 – Coeur d’Alene
District 2 – Lewiston
District 3 – Boise
District 4 – Shoshone
District 5 – Pocatello
District 6 - Rigby