ITD Public Involvement NEPA

National Environmental Policy Act
NEPA is the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. It is primarily a procedural statute (40 CFR sec 1500) for decision-making during federal actions. The statute assures that proper technical, economic, and environmental analysis are performed.

What Does NEPA Require of Agencies?
· Directs federal agencies to use a systematic, interdisciplinary approach while evaluating environmental factors during the planning process of a federal action
· Involves widespread coordination, review, and disclosure with other agencies and the public
· Documents the environmental analysis process in plain language for the decision-maker and the public.

What are the three types of NEPA documents?
· Categorical Exclusion (Cat Ex)
  · Minimal anticipated impacts
  · A simple/programmatic processes anticipated

· Environmental Assessment (EA)
  · Unsure if significant impacts
  · Evaluation of key resources

· Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  · Significant Impacts
  · More detailed evaluation