Air Passenger Demand Study

Scheduled commercial airline service is a cornerstone of Idaho's economy. Businesses, residents, and visitors all depend on commercial airline service. A study undertaken by the Idaho Transportation Department in 1998 showed that annually, Idaho derives at least $1.2 billion in annual economic benefit from activities at its seven commercial airports. These economic benefits are derived from spending by visitors who arrive in Idaho via the scheduled air carriers and from the activities of businesses and tenants located at each of the commercial airports.

Recognizing the importance of commercial airline service, the Idaho Transportation Department, Division of Aeronautics, undertook a study to assess current demand in each commercial airport's market area. This report provides a summary of the findings from that study.

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Technical Report (study in it's entirely - 5 chapters).

Summary Report (a short overview of the technical report).




Idaho Transportation Department

Updated September 23, 2003 - Reviewed September 23, 2003