• How do I schedule a flight?
  Simply contact our scheduler, Tammy Schoen, at flightscheduling@itd.idaho.gov or call 208-334-8775.  Have your destination, time you need to arrive and can depart ready and she can give you an estimate on the flight and book it all at the same time.
  • How do I schedule a seat on a fllight?
  Go to our schedule and take a look at what is already scheduled.  Sometimes the seats available only means that we do not have the passenger list yet, so contact the scheduler, Tammy Schoen, at flightscheduling@itd.idaho.gov or call 208-334-8775, to find out availability of seats on the flight. Click Trip Details to view specifics about a flight.
  • Can I get a price quote?
  Sure!  again, just contact Tammy and she can give you an estimate over the phone to help you find the most economical way to move your staff around the state.
  • How much luggage can I bring?
  This is determined by the number of people on the airplane.  With a full plane of 8 people, the luggage area can accommodate one carry-on size suitcase per person.  Each passenger may have their briefcase or purse that will fit under the seats.
  • How will I know you received my email request?
  You will receive a response to your email request with two business days of receipt of the message.  If you are booking a flight, you will also receive a copy of the confirmed flight itinerary/manifest.
  • How early should I be there for a flight?
  15 minutes is a good cushion in order to get everyone on the plane in time.
  • Can we have food on the planes?
  Absolutely!  We have small snacks, water and coffee available on the plane, but if you would like to bring sandwiches or other food on board, please feel free to do so.
  • Is there a lavatory on the plane?
  Yes there is.  Considering that most flights within the state are typically an hour, this is not used much.  But it is there if needed.
  • How will I be billed for the flight?

  Billing is determined by flight hours + pre/post flight cost + crew cost + standby time.  In the event that an overnight is required, customer is responsible for the room, meals and incidentals for the pilots if needed. 

There is an interagency invoice created that will be sent through the mail to you and you can pay that interagency invoice through STARS.

For billing questions, just contact Tammy.





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