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The Idaho Transportation Department headquarters is located in Boise but there are six (6) District offices in Idaho. The map below shows the number assigned to the District office and the region that District covers. When ITD has surplus property for sale, the property is listed by the District in which the property is located.

To view a listing of surplus property, click on the area (District number) you are interested in on the map below to open the current listing of available surplus property within that District. When it opens, you will be able to view a list of all surplus properties listed for sale, the acreage, starting bid, time and date of the auction, legal description and other relevant information for each property.

Click on the area number on the map below to begin your surplus property search.

Please select a district:

For sales of surplus equipment,
contact Jeff Osieczonek at 208-334-8082

Sale of Surplus Property

ID APA 301 - 304


Auctions in District 1 | Auctions in District 2 | Auctions in District 3 | Auctions in District 4 | Auctions in District 5 | Auctions in District 6

Form Examples

How is surplus property offered for sale?

The property is first appraised to obtain the fair market value. The surplus property is then offered at the FMV to contiguous property owners first. If the property is not purchased by a contiguous owner, it is then offered to state agencies, county agencies in which the property is located, the city in which the property is located, and the highway district in which the property is located. If no contiguous property owner's or public agencies purchase the property, it is then opened to the public for a public auction. The property is offered at not less than the appraised value plus the administrative fees established by the Department.

To be notified by email when an auction is pending, please fill out the form below and click "Submit".

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For further information about surplus property auctions, please call or email Janet Brown, Senior Right of Way Agent - Property Management:
1-208-334-8511 or

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