For additional information about LAND auctions, please call or email Janet Brown, Senior Right of Way Agent Property Management – 3293 W. Jordan Street, Boise. ID 83703. 208-334-8511 or

For information on SURPLUS EQUIPMENT contact Jeff Osieczonek at 208-334-8082 or

The Idaho Transportation Department headquarters is located in Boise; however, there are six (6) District Offices located within Idaho as shown on the map below. When ITD has surplus property for sale, the property is listed by the District in which the area covers. Each District covers many counties. To view a listing of surplus property, click on the map below in the area you are interested in. If surplus property is available, it will be shown there.

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How is surplus property offered for sale?

If you are interested in surplus property you may want to read the Idaho Statute 58-355A and IDAPA 39.03.45 attached link below.

Why doesn’t an auction start at zero dollars and go up from there like most auctions?

ITD must offer property for an appraised fair market value (FMV) and nothing less according to state statutes and IDAPA rules.

How does the process work when you do an auction?

The property is then offered for the FMV to adjoining owners and other city and county agencies. If it isn’t sold there it will be advertised in the local paper and a public auction will be conducted to sell the property, but even then the property auction price commences at the FMV and the highest bidder purchases the property. Most auctions are held at the District Office but can be held at the site location. The auction website will list the time, date, and location of any sale that is going to auction.