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B2.0 Standard Drawings Revision Log (pdf)
B2.1A Approach Slab - Asphalt Pavement 0º Skew – No Joint (V8) (pdf)
B2.1B Approach Slab - Asphalt Pavement <45º Skew – No Joint (V8) (pdf)
B2.1C Approach Slab - Concrete Pavement 0º Skew – No Joint (V8) (pdf)
B2.1D Approach Slab - Concrete Pavement <45º Skew – No Joint (V8) (pdf)
B2.1E Approach Slab - Asphalt Pavement 0º Skew – Joint (V8) (pdf)
B2.1F Approach Slab - Asphalt Pavement <45º Skew – Joint (V8) (pdf)
B2.1G Approach Slab - Concrete Pavement 0º Skew – Joint (V8) (pdf)
B2.1H Approach Slab - Concrete Pavement <45º Skew – Joint (V8) (pdf)
B2.2A Deck Drain – Type 1 (V8) (pdf)
B2.2B Deck Drain – Type 2 (V8) (pdf)
B2.2C Deck Drain – Type 3 (V8) (pdf)
B2.3 Slope Paving (V8) (pdf)
B2.4A Utility Details (water, sewer & gas) (V8) (pdf)
B2.4B Utility Details (power & communications) (V8) (pdf)
B2.5 Railroad Details (V8) (pdf)


B5.0 Standard Drawing Revision Log (pdf)
B5.1 Metal Reinforcement (V8) (pdf)
B5.2A AASHTO Type 2 Prestressed Girder (V8) (pdf)
B5.2B AASHTO Type 3 Prestressed Girder (V8) (pdf)
B5.2C AASHTO Type 4 Prestressed Girder (V8) (pdf)
B5.2D AASHTO Prestressed Girder Details (V8) (pdf)
B5.2E AASHTO Prestressed Girder Pier Diaphragm (V8) (pdf)
B5.3A Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 36” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3B Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 42” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3C Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 48” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3D Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 54” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3E Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 60” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3F Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 66” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3G Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 72” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3H Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 84” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3I Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 49” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3J Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 55” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3K Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 61” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3L Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 67” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3M Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 73” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3N Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder - 85” (V8) (pdf)
B5.3O WF42G Prestressed Girder (V8) (pdf)
B5.3P WF50G Prestressed Girder (V8) (pdf)
B5.3Q WF58G Prestressed Girder (V8) (pdf)
B5.3R WF66G Prestressed Girder (V8) (pdf)
B5.3S WF74G Prestressed Girder (V8) (pdf)
B5.3T WF83G Prestressed Girder (V8) (pdf)
B5.3U Bulb Tee Prestressed Girder Details (V8) (pdf)
B5.3V Temporary Diaphragm Detail (V8) (pdf)
B5.3W Pier Diaphragm (V8) (pdf)
B5.4A Deck Bulb Tee Typical Section (V8) (pdf)
B5.4B Deck Bulb Girder (V8) (pdf)
B5.4C Deck Bulb Girder Details (V8) (pdf)
B5.5A Precast Prestressed Slab - 12” (V8) (pdf)
B5.5B Precast Prestressed Slab - 15” Voided (V8) (pdf)
B5.5C Precast Prestressed Slab - 15” Solid (V8) (pdf)
B5.5D Precast Prestressed Slab - 18” (V8) (pdf)
B5.5E Precast Prestressed Slab - 21” (V8) (pdf)
B5.5F Precast Prestressed Slab - 26” (V8) (pdf)
B5.5G Precast Prestressed Slab Details (V8) (pdf)
B5.6 Box Beam Prestressed Girders
B5.7A Box Girder Details (V8) (pdf)
B5.7B Post-Tensioning Details (V8) (pdf)
B5.8 Electrical Connection Details (V8) (pdf)


B6.0 Standard Drawing Revision Log (pdf)
B6.1 Standard Steel Details (V8) (pdf)
B6.2 Standard Diaphragm Details
B6.3 Miscellaneous Details

CHAPTER 9. DECK AND DECK SYSTEMS Design of Cantilever Slabs (pdf)
B9.0 Standard Drawing Revision Log (pdf)
B9.1A Permanent Metal Deck Forms – Steel Girder (V8) (pdf)
B9.1B Permanent Metal Deck Forms – Concrete Girder (V8) (pdf)


B10.0 Standard Drawing Revision Log (pdf)
B10.1 Footing Layout and Pile Notes (V8) (pdf)


B12.0 Standard Drawing Revision Log (pdf)
B12.1 Culvert Joint Details (V8) (pdf)
B12.2 Precast Stiffleg Culvert Details (V8) (pdf)
B12.3 Precast Box Culvert Details (V8) (pdf)


B13.0 Standard Drawing Revision Log (pdf)
B13.1A Concrete Parapet with Thrie Beam Transition- w/o appr slab (V8) (pdf)
B13.1B Concrete Parapet with Precast End Connection- w/o appr slab (V8) (pdf)
B13.1C Concrete Parapet with Thrie Beam Transition - with appr slab (V8) (pdf)
B13.1D Concrete Parapet with Precast End Connection - with appr slab (V8) (pdf)
B13.1E Concrete Parapet Pole Base (V8) (pdf)
B13.2A Two-Tube Curb Mount Rail - Sheet 1 (V8) (pdf)
B13.2B Two-Tube Curb Mount Rail - Sheet 2 (V8) (pdf)
B13.3A Combination Pedestrian/Bicycle & Traffic Railing (V8) (pdf)
B13.3C Combination Rail Concrete Parapet - without approach slab (V8) (pdf)
B13.3D Combination Rail Concrete Parapet - with approach slab (V8) (pdf)
B13.3E Combination Rail Pole Base (V8) (pdf)
B13.3F Protective Pedestrian Fence for Combo Rail Concrete Parapet (V8) (pdf)
B13.4B Pedestrian/Bicycle Rail (V8) (pdf)
B13.4C Bicycle/Pedestrian Rail Details (V8) (pdf)
B13.5 Concrete Median (V8) (pdf)
B13.6A W-Beam (V8) (pdf)
B13.7A G-2-F Type 1 Rail Retrofit (V8) (pdf)
B13.7B G-2-F Type 2 Rail Retrofit (V8) (pdf)
B13.7C G-2-F Type 4 Rail Retrofit (V8) (pdf)
B13.7D Delaware Rail Retrofit (V8) (pdf)
B13.7E Iowa Rail Retrofit (V8) (pdf)


B14.0 Standard Drawing Revision Log (pdf)
B14.1A Compression Seal Joints – skew < 10º (V8) (pdf)
B14.1B Compression Seal Joints – skew < 30º (V8) (pdf)
B14.2 Strip Seal Joints (V8) (pdf)
B14.3 Modular Joints (V8) (pdf)
B14.4 Parapet Cover Plates (V8) (pdf)
B14.5 Silicone Sealant Joint (V8) (pdf)
B14.6 Asphaltic Plug Expansion Joint (V8) (pdf)
B14.7A Stainless Steel/TFE Bearing – Steel Girder (V8) (pdf)
B14.7B Stainless Steel/TFE Bearing – Concrete Girder (V8) (pdf)


B17.0 Standard Drawing Revision Log (pdf)
B17.1A Design and General Notes – Concrete Girder R/R (V8) (pdf)
B17.1B Design and General Notes – Concrete Girder R/R (V8) (pdf)
B17.1C Design and General Notes – Steel Girder R/R (V8) (pdf)
B17.1D Design and General Notes – Steel Girder R/R (V8) (pdf)
B17.2A Design and General Notes – P/S Girder Hwy (V8) (pdf)
B17.2B Design and General Notes – Steel Girder Hwy (V8) (pdf)
B17.2C Design and General Notes – Steel Girder Hwy (2) (V8) (pdf)
B17.2D Design and General Notes – Culvert (V8) (pdf)
B17.2E Design and General Notes – Metal Pipe (V8) (pdf)
B17.3 Sheet Index, Quantities, & Vicinity Map (V8) (pdf)
B17.4 Consultant Plant Sheet Format (V8) (pdf)

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