5.4 Material Properties
5.4.3 Reinforcing Steel Resistance Factors Prestressed Girder Stability
5.7.1 Assumptions for Service & Fatigue Limit States Minimum Reinforcement Control of Cracking by Distribution of Reinforcement Deflection and Camber Spirals and Ties Longitudinal Reinforcement Tension Stress Tension Stress – P/T Box Girders
5.9.5 Loss of Prestress Factored Bursting Resistance – Pretension Anchorage Zones Transverse Reinforcement for Confinement
5.12 Durability Diaphragms Concrete Strength Simple Span Prestress Girders Made Continuous

Appendix A – Design Aids

A5.1 Rebar Areas & Spacing
A5.2 Development Length
A5.3 Lap Splice Length
A5.4 Prestressed AASHTO & Bulb-Tee Girder Properties
A5.5 Precast Prestressed Slab Properties
A5.6 Deflection and Camber
A5.7 Concrete Overlay Details