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ITD CAU Consultant Reporter Help

Report Type Select the report type you wish to generate.  You can either create a printable report or a condensed report.  A printable report has smaller margins and frequent headings.  Select this type of report if you wish to print it.  A condensed report has a single heading and large margins.  Select this type of report if you wish to see one record per row.
District You may select which districts you would like to include in your report, or select all to include data from all districts.  To select a district simply check the box next to the corresponding district.  If two specific districts are selected, then the report will generate information on both districts.

Example:  If district 1 and district 2 are selected, then the report will generate the query:

WHERE (District1 = True) OR (District2 = True).

Category of Work You may chose to select one or more categories of work.  Each category is listed along with its code.  Simply check the box of each category you want to include.  If two or more specific categories are selected, then the report will generate information for each category.

Example:  If category A1, B1, and C1 are checked, then the report will generate the query:

WHERE ((ServiceCategoryID = 'A1') OR (ServiceCategoryID = 'B1')) OR (ServiceCategoryID = 'C1')

Complex Reports It is possible to generate very complex reports by selecting both districts and categories.  When doing this a report will be generated where each record matches at least one district and at least one category.

Example:  If district1, district2, category A1, category B1, and category C1 are all selected, then this query will be generated:

WHERE ((District1 = True) OR (District2 = True)) AND (((ServiceCategoryID = 'A1') OR (ServiceCategoryID = 'B1')) OR (ServiceCategoryID = 'C1'))

Generally, the more criteria you include, the larger your report will be.

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