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CAU General Information

General Information & Requirements

Overhead Rate Policy
Certified Hourly Wage Rate Requirements
Cost Estimate Summary
Direct Expenses
Travel Expense and Per Diem Policy
Subconsultants on Work Tasks
CADD Specifications
SignCAD Specifications
Purchase Information
Estimator Specifications


    All consultants must establish an overhead rate for use on professional services agreements, or, at the discretion of the Department, establish a billing rate if they are a small firm.  Once an overhead rate has been established, it must be updated on a yearly basis.  For additional information regarding requirements on establishing overhead rates, please refer to the Overhead Rate Policy.
    A current certified hourly wage rate schedule must be maintained on file with the Department, and has to meet the reasonableness and fairness criteria.  Certified Hourly Wage Rates should follow the approved format, and must be provided in .pdf file format by e-mail to  The file name shall be the company name followed by the month and year (ConsultantName02/05).  It is recommended that a copy of the certified wage rate schedule be included with all cost estimates submitted for each negotiated contract.   
    The Consultant Administration Unit has developed a Cost Estimate Summary Form which will be required for all agreements.  It should be submitted along with the negotiated man-hour estimate and scope of work by both the prime consultant and each subconsultant. 
    Direct expenses will be reimbursed at actual cost.  No markup is allowed.
    The Department has a Travel Expense and Per Diem Policy.  This policy applies to all consultant agreements.  Please check this site for updates to all policies throughout the year.

    In order to work as a subconsultant on a Work Task under the Term Agreement, the subconsultant must be on the Term Agreement for the category of service they will be providing as a subconsultant.  Click Here for more information regarding the Term Agreement.

    Refer to the CADD Manual for a complete set of the CADD Specifications. 

    Memo regarding Sign Design Software.
    Refer to the Sign Design Manual for SignCAD Standards. 

    The Idaho Transportation Department has adopted the AASHTOWare Project EstimatorTM Highway Construction Cost Estimation software package as the standard for developing all highway construction cost estimates.   All consulting engineers who perform work for the Department and prepare PS&E packages (Plans, Specifications and Estimate) for submittal to the Department on highway construction projects are required to use Estimator.

For more information about Estimator, or to purchase a copy of the software, contact the AASHTOWareTM contractor and specify you are purchasing a license for Idaho.   Contractor information is as follows:

5700 SW 34th Street, Suite 1235
Gainesville, FL   32608

Phone:  (352)  381-4400
Fax:      (352)  381-4444
Web Site:

New Customers:
Existing Customers:



    The following specifications apply for all estimates prepared and delivered to the Idaho Transportation Department on highway construction projects:

File Format and Delivery

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has adopted the AASHTOWare Project EstimatorTM Highway Construction Cost Estimation software package as the standard for developing all future highway construction cost estimates.
Estimates shall be delivered to the ITD in two formats. A hard copy of the Final Estimate (generated from EstimatorTM ) and an electronic EstimatorTM file on a CD or DVD.
Files shall be developed using the EstimatorTM software, Version 2.12a or higher.

File Naming

Electronic files shall be named using the project’s Key Number with the file extension .EST (Estimator). The EstimatorTM program will automatically generate the .EST file extension when the file is saved. The extension .EST defines the file type to the computer software. An example of a file name is 04782.EST.


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