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Central Issuance of Idaho Driver Licenses and Identification Cards

Safe - Secure - Efficient

Sample Driver's LicenseSample ID Card

Idaho driver's licenses and identification (ID) cards contain security features to help protect drivers and ID card holders from identity theft and fraud.

In place of an over-the-counter system, Idaho utilizes a central issuance system to produce and mail driver's licenses and ID cards. Central issuance helps reduce identity theft and fraud, speeds applicant processing time and reduces production costs. It increases the security and quality of the cards and production processing. The format of the cards and the production process follow recommended best practices.

Applicants who qualify for a driver's license or ID card leave the county driver licensing office with a temporary card which is valid for 30 days. This temporary card is printed on special security paper with a black and white digital image.

The permanent plastic cards are produced at a secure, central facility and mailed to the customer within approximately 10 business days. Each card is mailed in an unmarked envelope, similar to the way credit cards or passports are mailed. It is important that a correct mailing address be provided.

The key objectives of central issuance are protection of personal information, national security and improved services.

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