The Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation version 2 (RUSLE2) erosion model was initially developed by the USDA for agricultural conservation planning. This original model has been customized for ITD to give highway designers, planners, inspectors, and contractors a numerical guide to assist with erosion and sediment control planning. The information generated by RUSLE2 is only one set of information used to make an erosion and sediment control decision and should be coupled with engineering and field experience.

Set-up and Users Guides
RUSLE2 Setup Guide
RUSLE2 Users Guide

Climate Data
NRCS Rainfall Maps

Soil Data
USDA Web Soil Survey

More Tools

  1. Unified Soil Classification System
  2. Comparison Particle Sizes
  3. Soil Field Test
  4. Soil Texture Calculator
District Models

The ITD version of RUSLE2 is available at the below hyperlink for each district. These databases and the model will be periodically updated; therefore, if you intend to use the model, please email Caleb Lakey at ITD HQ Environmental ( so that your name and contact information is added to a “User Group” distribution list in order to receive notifications about updates. The most current posting date is listed next to the hyperlink.

District 1 RUSLE2 model & database 3/18/2014
District 2 RUSLE2 model & database 3/18/2014
District 3 RUSLE2 model & database 3/18/2014
District 4 RUSLE2 model & database 3/18/2014
District 5 RUSLE2 model & database 3/18/2014
District 6 RUSLE2 model & database 3/18/2014