Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP)

The Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) is a NPDES stormwater general permit. Coverage under the MSGP is required for facilities with EPA listed industrial activities (EPA Covered Activities) that have the potential to discharge stormwater to a waters of the U.S. and that are not covered by another NPDES stormwater permit (i.e. a Construction General Permit).   By72S photo

MSGP and ITD Materials Sources

ITD Materials Sources including quarries and sand & gravel pits are MSGP listed Industrial Activities (Sector J1 and J2).

ITD Sources that have the potential to discharge stormwater to waters of the U.S. require NPDES stormwater coverage. Most sources may be covered under the Construction General Permit (CGP), but in some circumstances MSGP coverage is required instead.


Which NPDES Stormwater Coverage is appropriate?




  1. More than one contractor OK if ITD only projects (“co-related”) each SWPPP must detail contractor’s responsibilities
  2. Stabilization of Materials Source as described in CGP before NOT is filed (clean gravel, or stabilized with vegetation)
  • Excavated and used for maintenance work (not covered by a CGP)
  • Excavated and used for non ITD projects (county, irrigation district, private contracts, or public)
  • Stockpiles or site are not stabilized (fines or piles containing salt present)



ITD MSGP Program

ITD Headquarters Environmental Section has developed a guidance document for the implementation of the MSGP. This document is available here:

  1. ITD MSGP Program Guidance
  2. MSGP PowerPoint Training


Multi-Sector General Permit (2008 MSGP)
MSGP Record Keeping Template 2008
MSGP Industrial Discharge Monitoring Report (MDMR)
Industrial Stormwater Monitoring and Sampling Guide
ID Specific Reporting Requirements
MSGP Annual Reporting Form
EPA's Industrial SWPPP Template

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