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Headquarters Environmental Staff

The HQ Environmental staff is extensively involved in all environmental policy-making decisions, reviews all environmental documents, and provides the Districts with support, training, and expertise to address the wide variety of environmental concerns.

Below are the specialists at ITD Headquarters (Boise, ID) who will help you with your questions regarding the transportation department’s Environmental Program. You may reach them by telephone or simply click on their name to send an email.

HQ Environmental Staff
Sue Sullivan Env. Section Manager (208) 334-8203
Environmental Planning
Melinda Lowe Sr. Env. Planner, Liaison to D1, D2, D5 & LHTAC (208) 334-4474
Victoria Jewell Guerra Sr. Env. Planner, Liaison to D3 (208) 334-8588
Michele Fikel Sr. Env. Planner, Liaison to D4 & D6 (208) 334-8478
Vacant Staff Engineer (208) 334-8518
Brad Wolfinger Stormwater Program Coordinator (208) 334-8163
Cultural Resources
Marc Munch State Hwy. Archaeologist (208) 334-8449
Dan Everhart Architectural Historian (208) 334-8479
Kate McManus Architectural Historian (208) 334-8746
Rhona Brown Cultural Resource Specialist (208) 334-8089

Additional help can be found at each district from the local Environmental Planners. Please see District Environmental Staff.

District 1 – Archaeological Dig

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