ITD Announces the 2011 Excellence in Transportation Award Winners

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Transportation Planning

Project: Corridor Safety Analysis and Project Prioritization

Submitting Firm: DKS Associates

Project Description:

ITD District 6, in partnership with DKS Associates, has undertaken an innovative pilot program for safety analysis and planning on its rural corridors.

The pilot program includes the application of a new method for evaluation and prioritization of safety improvements and has been applied in a corridor-planning context. The method is based on existing and forecasted traffic volumes, roadway and intersection characteristics and traffic control, points of access, and planned safety or capacity improvements in the corridor.

The pilot program has been applied to segments of the District 6 state highway system that have been rated "worse than average" for safety by using the District's "Corridor Health" assessment scoring system.

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Environmental Stewardship

Project: SH-21, Wildlife Collision Avoidance

Submitting Agency: ITD District 3

Project Description:

This project consisted of constructing a wildlife crossing in the form of an underpass and a wildlife exclusion fence to guide wildlife to the crossing structure.

The project's goals were to increase motorists/human public safety and welfare by reducing Wildlife Vehicle Collisions (WVC), to enhance the natural environment and preserve community values, and to maintain the migration linkage corridor and overall habitat and landscape connectivity and integrity.

This project is precedent setting because it is the first project of its type to be placed on the transportation STIP solely for WV C's with an emphasis on safety and the environment.

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Design: Small Project

Project: ADA Improvements on State Routes

Submitting Agency: H.W. Lochner, Inc.

Project Description:

The ADA Improvements on State Routes project has raised awareness of ADA standards and how to apply them in the public right of way.

The completed project has allowed people with disabilities more access to public pedestrian facilities in their communities than ever before. The curb ramp details developed during this project served as a basis for the new ITD Sidewalks and ADA Facilities Standard Drawings. In addition, the knowledge and experience gained while completing this project can be used on future curb ramp improvements.

Although this project is especially important to people with disabilities, ADA compliant ramps help provide a better pedestrian system for all members of the community.

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Design: Large Project

Project: East Parkcenter River Crossing

Submitting Firm: CH2M HILL

Project Description:

The planning and design for this long-awaited transportation link provides motorists, riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians enhanced multimodal connectivity in this thriving commercial and residential community.

Traffic congestion and access to the east side of Boise were key drivers for the East Parkcenter River Crossing.

This new alternative route across the Boise River decreases travel times, improves safety, and significantly reduces current congestion by redirecting heavy commuter traffic away from the historical Warm Springs Area.

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Project: East Parkcenter River Crossing

Submitting Firm: CH2M HILL

Project Description:

The project is comprised of a new urban roadway, five bridge structures, pedestrian and bicycle paths, interconnection with utilities, wetland restoration and mitigation, Walling Ditch modifications, and integration with a local park, as well as residential and business developments.

Protection of the Boise River and wetland areas was a primary challenge of the project, along with related groundwater and fisheries issues. The Team worked closely with stakeholders and regulatory agencies to successfully develop mitigation strategies that were implemented as part of construction to reduce user impacts.

The project opened ahead of schedule in September 2009.

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Maintenance and Operations

Project: Island Park Road Shade Modification Project

Submitting Agency: ITD District 6

Project Description:

The primary goal of this project was to enable more sunlight to reach the roadway in order to melt ice off of the road quicker. It also may reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for anti-skid materials in the shaded areas and by reducing wear and tear on equipment.

To aid in decision making processes a Geographic Information System (GIS) model was developed, using existing GIS tools in the ArcMap software application from ESRI. The model uses a ground elevation model, adds tree height within tree canopy boundaries to the bare earth elevations and then uses the Solar Analyst tool in ArcMap to calculate the duration of sunlight reaching the road surface.

After running the shade model, the District met with the USFS to discuss the project and the shade model results. The shade model clearly identified the benefit of cutting trees along the clear zone enabling the USFS to make an informed decision.

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Public Participation

Project: District 2 Corridor Studies

Submitting Firm: RBCI

Project Description:

District 2 leadership envisioned a district-wide corridor planning effort that would result in potential projects for every ITD-managed highway for the next 10 years.

The district encompasses five Idaho counties and 17 state and U.S. highways. It includes both urban areas and rural, unincorporated cities with very few residents A seamless and comprehensive public involvement effort was essential for meeting the diverse needs of the district.

The project was accomplished in 16 months and involved all 39 cities and five counties in the district. It resulted in district-wide support and awareness of the corridor plan.

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ITD Career Achievement

Randy Gill

HQ Roadway Design Project Manager

Randy Gill has committed 28 years to date and has been involved in ITD's many transformations over the years in the project development arena. He has faithfully served ITD and Idahoans by ensuring that highway projects are designed safely and to the highest standards.

Starting in District 3 in 1983, Randy was a drafter and worked in CADD programs developing projects in the Design section until 1985. He moved into the Local Roads department and later continued his career by filling various positions, all in the realm of development, until he assumed his current role as Project Manager in Headquarters Roadway Design.

In his role as the Headquarters Roadway Design Project Manager, Randy has contributed to the development of nearly all ITD roadway design standards, assisted with the evolution of the past and present project scheduling efforts, supervised and trained many employees, and is an advocate for the professional development of his staff and provides them with leadership and mentoring.

Randy's work ethic and management style has been an exemplary model for other employees to follow. His efforts have immensely strengthened the Roadway Design program over the years.

ITD Professional of the Year

Connie Jones

District 4 Senior Environmental Planner

With 26 years experience at ITD, Connie is extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise. She keeps current with all environmental changes occurring nationwide and educates both fellow employees and the public about the changing processes.

Her innovative thinking and great organization skills enables her to consistently complete the environmental document requests from the District's Design, Construction and Maintenance sections in an efficient and timely manner. Over the past year, her insight helped the District Design complete 25 of 29 projects on time and within budget.

Connie volunteers her time in organizing District wide social events, has a compassion for animals and people, and is continuously helping others. She is a joy to work with and a friend to everyone.

Connie gets things done! She treats everyone with respect, she finds answers to whatever questions come up, she knows what she's talking about before she says it, and when she's wrong, she says so.