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Freight in Idaho

Freight in Idaho

Freight Program

The Idaho Transportation Department supports strong economic growth.

Roads, railroads, waterways, pipelines, and airport infrastructure are key components to a successful and efficient multimodal freight system. These components must work together to serve the needs of the region’s economy and work to support the Idaho Transportation Department’s mission of Your Safety, Your Mobility, and Your Economic Opportunity. Furthermore, effective, competitive, efficient and safe movement of freight relies on active participation of freight stakeholders throughout Idaho.

ITD is committed to fostering an atmosphere that encourages strong economic growth while ensuring safe and efficient travel for all of Idaho. If you, your organization, or business is interested in learning more about freight movement in Idaho, please contact our office to learn more about how we can assist.

Jeff Marker
Freight Program Manager, (208) 334-8462

129,000 lbs. Route Requests

129,000 lbs. (129k) Vehicle Combination Routes

The Idaho Transportation Department is reviewing and analyzing requests to allow trucks up to 129,000 pounds (129k) to drive on non-interstate, state-maintained highway routes. The review of requests is being done in conjunction with the Idaho Transportation Department Board and a subcommittee, which will reject or approve requests for new routes.

The review of requests includes a 30-day public comment period, and a hearing at which verbal or written comments can be submitted.

2017 Transportation Board 129k Subcommittee Agendas

Transportation Board 129k Subcommittee Minutes

  1. SH-38: I-15 to Holbrook – Route Application
  2. US-91: I-86 to WinCo Foods (Pocatello) – Route Application
  3. US-91: SH-34 to I-15 (connects Utah to I-15) – Route Application
  4. US-20: I-15 to previously approved US-20 129K route, through Idaho Falls – Route Application
  5. US-93/US-93BL: Intersection w/SH-25 to US-93BL intersection w/US-30 – Route Application
  6. US-95: Lewiston to SH-1 – Route Application
  7. SH-1: US-95 to Canadian Border – Route Application
  8. SH-3: SH-8 to US-95 – Route Application
  9. SH-13: Kooskia to Grangeville – Route Application
  10. US-12: US-95 to Montana Border – Route Application
  11. SH-8: SH-3 to Bovill – Route Application
  12. US-2: US-95 to Montana Stateline
  13. US-2: US-95 to SH-41
  14. US-95: I-90 to the Canadian Border. This request is currently under evaluation based on request from Pocock Trucking
  15. SH-1: US-95 to the Canadian Border. This request will be under evaluation based on request from Doug Andrus Distribution
  16. SH-41: US-2 to SH-54
  17. SH-54: US-41 to US-95
  18. I-86 Business Loop: I-86 through American Falls to SH39
  19. SH32: Intersection with SH33 to SH46
  20. US26: SH 39 Intersection to I-15 – Route Application
  21. US95: I-90 to Canadian border – Route Application
  22. SH28 Route Application
  23. SH32 Route Application
  24. SH34 Route Application
  25. SH47 Route Application
  26. SH61 Route Application
  27. US26: Milepost 272 to 306 – Route Application
  28. US26: Milepost 334 to 402 – Route Application
  29. US89 Route Application
  30. U.S. 12 Route Application
  31. US20 Route Application
  32. SH13 Route Application
  33. SH16 Route Application
  34. SH162 Route Application

US12 Route Application – Withdrawn at request of applicant on 07/07/2016

US20 Route Application – Withdrawn at request of applicant on 07/07/2016

SH13 Route Application – Withdrawn at request of applicant on 07/07/2016

SH16 Route Application – Withdrawn at request of applicant on 07/07/2016

SH162 Route Application– Withdrawn at request of applicant on 07/07/2016

The Idaho Transportation Board Subcommittee on 129,000 Pound Truck Routes was established in 2013 to address legislation related to gross vehicle weights up to 129,000 pounds. The Subcommittee’s charge was to develop the process to allow 129,000 pound gross vehicle weights on additional state routes and then to review requests for these additional routes and make a recommendation to the full Idaho Transportation Board. Subcommittee meetings will be held on an as-needed basis.

Prior to July 1, 2013, trucks configured to increase gross vehicle weights from 105,500 pounds to 129,000 pounds were permitted on a select number of state highways in southern Idaho via a pilot project. Legislation approved in 2013 made those 35 specified routes permanent and provided authority to the responsible highway jurisdiction to allow gross vehicle weights up to 129,000 pounds on additional specified routes.

Approved 129,000 lbs. Routes


Jeff Marker
Freight Program Manager
(208) 334-8462

Adam Rush
Public Involvement Coordinator
(208) 334-8119