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SH-55, N Fork Payette River Bridge

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The procurement for this project occurs in two phases. The first phase is the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) which will result in a short-list of firms. Only the short-listed firms may respond to the second phase, Request for Proposal (RFP), to determine the final design-build firm selection.

 Procurement Documentation

             The procurement documentation for this project has been posted through the Department's QuestCDN eBidDoc system located


Pre-Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Meeting (11/19/13)
         Pre-SOQ Agenda

         Pre-SOQ Attendance Sheet


RFQ Short-list Results
         Braun-Jensen/Stanley Consultants

         Ralph L. Wadsworth/H.W. Lochner

         Slayden Construction Group/T.Y LIN International


Pre-Proposal Meeting (1/16/14)
         Pre-Proposal Agenda

         Pre-Proposal Attendance Sheet

Public Price Opening (3/27/14)
         Public Price Opening Results