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Innovative Contracting (IC) is a central function responsible for the implementation of alternative project delivery methods which fall outside of the conventional design-bid-build method. The IC is a section within the ITD Headquarters’ Contracting Services and works closely with the other department sections to coordinate, train and deliver highway projects through alternative methods. The IC will be a resource for the Department to facilitate the evaluation and identification of alternate contract delivery candidate projects each year as part of the Idaho Transportation Improvement Program (ITIP), and will also support all six Districts by facilitating the contract procurement process.

Section 40-902, Idaho Code describes the contracting process for Design-Bid-Build (DBB) projects. Section 40-904 and 40-905, Idaho Code allows the Department to use Design-Build (DB) and Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) contracting methods under certain circumstances. 23 CFR 636 describes FHWA’s policies and procedures for utilizing design-build contracting on federal-aid projects.

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