Division of Highways

Division of Engineering Services

Transportation Systems

  1. Geographical Information System, GIS
  2. CADD
  3. Pavement Management
  4. Roadway Data
  5. Highway Data Quest

Planning Services

  1. Planning Services Home
  2. State Highway System Planning
  3. Program Management
  4. 5-Year Idaho Transportation Investment Plan
  5. Idaho Transportation Investment Program
  6. Long Range Transportation Plan
  7. Statewide Projects
  8. Bike Ped

Contracting Services

  1. Advertisement and Award Group
  2. Consultant Administration Unit
  4. Innovative Contracting Links
  5. Railroad and Utilities
  6. Research
  7. Standard Drawings
  8. Transportation Alternatives Program
  9. ADA Curb Ramp Program

Construction / Materials

  1. Construction and Materials


  1. Environmental Home Page

Division of Engineering Products and Plans


  1. Bridge Homepage

Highway Safety

  1. Office of Highway Safety Homepage


  1. Right of Way Home Page
  2. Surplus Property Auctions

Mobility Services

  1. Winter Maintenance
  2. Year-round Maintenance
        » Rest Areas
        » Roadside Vegetation
        » Volunteer Activities
              -Rest Area Activities
              -Operation Wildflower
              -Volunteer Services
  3. Passenger Rail and Freight

Central Lab

  1. Central Labs Homepage

Design / Traffic

  1. ITD Sign Chart
  2. ITD Sign Design Manual
  3. ITD Sign Design Files
  4. ITD Traffic Detail Files
  5. ITD Traffic Manual
  6. ITD Flagger and TC Supervisor Certification and Reciprocity information
  7. Interstate Motorist Service Signing (Logo) Contact List
  8. Interstate Motorist Service Signing (Logo) Standards and Procedures
  9. Tourist Oriented Directional Signing (TODS) Contact List
  10. Tourist Oriented Directional Signing (TODS) Standards and Procedures
  11. Scenic Byway Sign Procedures
  12. ITD Workzone Safety and Mobility Program

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