Invasive Species Gallery

Hoary Cress is spread by seed and creeping roots.
Spotted Knapweed plants each produce up to 25,000 seeds.
Yellow Starthistle infests 1000's of acres of roadside, pastures and public land. Also causes chewing disease, and death in horses.
Oxeye daisy was introduced as an ornamental from Europe and is found in every state
Oxeye daisy is most commonly spread by seed
Purple loosestrife crowds out native plants that wildlife use for food, nesting, and hiding places while having little or no value for wildlife itself.
Purple loosestrife was transported from Europe. Native plant populations are kept in balance by insects, diseases, and foraging animals, loosestrife is able to spread unchecked.
Leafy spurge is an aggressive, persistent, deep-rooted perennial, growing to a height of 1 meter (3 ft) or taller.
Leafy spurge reproduces by vegetative re-growth from spreading roots and by the production of large quantities of seeds that are often dispersed by birds, wildlife, humans, and in rivers and streams.

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