Welcome to Invasive Species Management!

Noxious weeds are spreading at an alarming rate across the Western United States. Each year approximately $23 billion is lost nationwide due to invasive plant impacts to agriculture, industry, recreation, and the environment. In addition, invasive plants are invading about 4,600 acres of land daily with over 8 million acres of Idaho lands severely infested by one of the 35 state-designated noxious weeds.

ITD Integrated Vegetative Management (IVM) program applies specific guidelines and complies with federal, state and local noxious weed laws to effectively eliminate, control and manage the spread of noxious weeds.

ITD is currently using environmentally beneficial landscaping which includes utilizing techniques that compliment and enhance the local environment and seek to minimize the adverse effects that landscaping has on it. It also provides a framework for preventing the introduction of and controlling the spread of invasive plant species on highway rights-of-way.

Some of these techniques and equipment include selective herbicide applications, brush control or removal, promoting native or adaptable vegetation, reseeding disturbed areas, bio-control agents and delivery systems, more efficient equipment cleaners, improved seeding equipment (for steep slopes), Global Positioning System (GPS) for invasive population inventories, and methods to minimize soil disturbance during vegetation management activities.

For additional information, contact Cathy Ford, Roadside Programs Coordinator, at (208) 334-8416.