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The forms, manuals, and references are made available on the Internet by the Idaho Transportation Department as a public service. These Internet versions may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may the references be published or repackaged for commercial sale.

Mail your completed and signed forms to:
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Idaho Transportation Department
PO Box 7129
Boise ID 83707-1129


Online Version

Print Version
Adopt-A-Highway Information Packet (pdf) 1423KB
Adopt-A-Highway Application   21KB
Adopt-A-Highway Agreement Terms and Conditions   24KB
Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer Group Information   19KB
Adopt-A-Highway/Volunteer Services Release   17KB
Adopt-A-Highway/Volunteer Services Under Age 18 Release   18KB
Adopt-A-Highway Equipment Request
Please note: This form is to be completed when you are actually picking up the equipment. This form is not to reserve equipment in advance.
Adopt-A-Highway Equipment Return   16KB
Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup Report (print and mail in)   21KB
Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup Report (e-mail instructions)
Operation Wildflower Information Packet (pdf) 618KB
Operation Wildflower Application   16KB
Rest Area Activities Information Packet 44KB
Rest Area Activities Application   17KB
Rest Area Activities Agreement   11KB
Rest Area Activities Safety Release   16KB
Rest Area Activities Safety Release Participants Under Age 18   16KB
Volunteer Services Information Packet (pdf) 799KB
Volunteer Services  Application   20KB
Volunteer Services Agreement Terms and Conditions   22KB

Other References:

  1. Idaho Code
  2. Code of Federal Regulations

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