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Rest Area Activities Program
Terms and Conditions

Volunteer Group Name        Rest Area

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The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) agrees to permit volunteer group  to dispense free refreshments at this Rest Area for the above stated  period of time.

The volunteer group agrees to the following terms and conditions.

  • The volunteer group must be recognized as a 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization.

  • Group members shall be required to sign a release form before participating in any refreshment dispensing activities.

  • The volunteer group shall be responsible for prohibiting members from either possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during group activities.

  • Refreshment serving is to be conducted for improving the safety of traveling public.

  • Only one initial reservation is allowed each year. Additional applications may be made if no other organization has applied for designated days. ITD may restrict reservations to only one initial holiday weekend reservation each year. Additional applications may be made for non-holiday weekends.

  • A single agreement to dispense refreshments may be issued for up to three continuous days.

  • A copy of this agreement must be posted during group activities.

  • Agreements issued to a subgroup of a volunteer group will be considered to be issued to the parent group. The parent group is responsible and liable for any damages caused by the subgroup. Agreements are nontransferable.

  • A minimum of  daylight to dark schedule each day of operation is required.

  • A responsible adult representative of the group, 21 years of age or older, shall be on the premises during all group activities.

  • Failure of a group to dispense refreshments or to notify the issuing office of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) of a cancellation at least one week prior to the date of the agreement may result in a suspension of eligibility for future agreements.

  • The volunteer group may have two (2) signs at the dispensing site showing the service and the group's name. For example, "Free Refreshments, Compliments of ______(Your Group Name)." The maximum size of these signs shall be 18" x 24".

  • Signs will not be posted, or attachments of any kind be made, to any buildings, trimmings, or facilities. Volunteer groups will be responsible for any repair costs resulting from noncompliance.

  • When a Visitors Information Center is present, the public's requests for information and products will be referred to the Visitors Information Center. Volunteer group members will not remove materials from the Visitors Information Center.

  • One opaque container, with the word "Contributions," or "Donations" in letters no larger than 2" high, will be allowed. All other solicitations of contributions and donations are forbidden. State law prohibits sales by item except for the vending of products by the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ICBI)

  • All supplies not in immediate use must be stored out of sight. No use of any building for storage will be allowed. Visible supplies must be kept and maintained in an orderly and neat manner.

  • Refreshment serving is to be carried out solely within the rest area as directed and approved by ITD personnel. Camping type vehicles like pickup campers, travel trailers or motor homes will not be used for dispensing refreshments. The activity, including serving from a self-contained dispensing vehicle, must take place free from any ramp or surface used for the movement of pedestrians or vehicles and must not block or hinder access to the restrooms or vending machines provided by ICBI.

  • Water will be obtained from outside building faucets or as directed by the ITD personnel.

  • Electric power may not be furnished by ITD. If power is furnished each 20 amp circuit (2200 watts) designated for use by the group shall be provided a ground fault interrupter. If power is lost, the "reset" button located next to the "test" button in the center of the receptacle shall  be pressed. If electrical power is not restored, the on-duty Rest Area Caretaker will be advised, if available. If power is restored by pressing the "reset" button and the circuit continues to fail when put to use, an improper extension cord or faulty appliance may be the cause. No interior building outlets will be utilized. Not all buildings have exterior outlets. In this case, the group is responsible for furnishing an appropriate power source for their appliances.

  • Electrical Power is     is Not Available at this Rest Area.

  • Volunteer groups will furnish their own supplies and cleaning equipment. Groups must remove debris from the rest area grounds and leave the restrooms neat and clean. All debris associated with the dispensing of refreshments is to be put into plastic bags. The bags shall be tied and placed in garbage containers or removed from the rest area grounds. If garbage containers are full, the plastic bags are to be placed behind the rest area building adjacent to the exterior wall next to the storage room doors.

  • Volunteer group members shall park their personal vehicles at the end of the automobile parking area and away from the restroom building. Camping in shelters, picnic, and grass areas is not allowed.

  • Except for guide dogs for the disabled, all dogs must be kept on a leash in the pet area.

  • "At grade" crossing of the interstate median is strictly prohibited. Participants shall use available interchanges.

  • Violation of provisions by groups may be cause for cancellation and denial of future reservations.

If, in the sole judgment of ITD personnel, the group is not meeting the provisions of this agreement, ITD may terminate the agreement. This agreement may be modified in scope or altered in any other manner at the sole discretion of ITD personnel. ITD reserves the right to modify or cancel the Rest Area Activities Program at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of ITD.

The Group acknowledges and agrees that if any actions by the group relative to the performance of this agreement are determined to be contrary to any legislative restrictions or any restrictions on the use of appropriated funds for political activities, or ITD policy rules, or procedures, ITD shall have the right to take any and all necessary remedial actions, including, but not limited to the removal of the volunteer group from the rest area.

Should you need to contact the Idaho Transportation Department during serving time, please contact one of the following:

  • On-Duty Rest Area Caretaker

  • Maintenance Foreman

Group Authorized Contact:

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