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 Formal Research Project Report

Value of Roads to and in Public Lands - Preliminary, Part 1, Volume 1: Effect on Timber and General Values, 8/27/58

BPR-IDH-RP001, Vol. 1

Type of Report:Preliminary

Research Agency:University of Idaho

Author(s):Norman Nybroten, Ph.D.; Harry W. Spiegel, Ph.D. & Max E. Fletcher, Ph.D.

Abstract:Because of the high percentage of publicly-owned land in the state, on of the major problems in determining benefits from a road system in the State of Idaho is to ascertain the value effects of roads to and in the public lands. The resources in these areas are extremely varied in amount, value and geography. Of those that might be more immediately measurable, it was deemed that timber would rate at or near the top. For that reason, the first report of the study emphasizes road effects on timber values. To determine some of the effects of roads on the value of standing timber, two different approaches to the problem were initiated. First, people who would be expected to have general information on the subject were consulted. Secondly, intensive studies were conducted in smaller areas where the most important variables affecting the issue are both more manageable and representative of general conditions.

Key Words:forest activity, highway financing, public lands, revenues, timber access

No of Pages:43

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