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 Formal Research Project Report

Value of Forest Highways in Idaho, 9/16/59

BPR-IDH-RP001, Vol. 2

Type of Report:Final

Research Agency:University of Idaho

Author(s):Norman Nybroten, Ph.D. & Wade H. Andrews, Ph.D.

Abstract:The primary objective of this report is to present, quantitatively if feasible, such results of study that lead to a better evaluation of the services rendered, or might be rendered, by forest highways in Idaho. An effort was made to stress relevant factors and conditions peculiar to Idaho, giving added attention to those areas and conditions most affected by Forest Highways, either as they exist or as they might exist in an expanded program. An explanation of the financial and physical relationships of Forest Highways to the general highway program in Idaho is made. Factors of apparent economic importance, both production and consumption are presented. Intercommunity

Key Words:Allocation formula, economic development, highway financing, hinterland roads, public lands, recreational travel

No of Pages:135

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