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 Formal Research Project Report

Some Problems of Planning and Financing Roads in Sparsely Settled Public-Land States with Special Referenced to Idaho, 1/1/62

BPR-IDH-RP001, Vol. 3

Type of Report:Final

Research Agency:University of Idaho

Author(s):Norman Nybroten, Ph.D.

Abstract:An objective of this report is to present some effects of major elements of the present programs for highway financing and development in the major public-land states. These may be of some help in evaluating some possible alternatives in the program of Federal-aid in terms of maximizing the value of public lands in the nation's economy and also in the economies of the states primarily involved. It is concluded that financing and planning roads will have profound effects on resource uses far into the future. Although the major public-land states have special problems and interests due to their proximity to the public lands, the problem is national in scope. Extensive research is needed to properly assign the costs and benefits to different resource uses before the major costs are incurred.

Key Words:Highway financing, highway planning, hinterlands, public lands

No of Pages:72

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