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Research Program

Research Policy

It is the policy of the Idaho Transportation Department to encourage the advancement of knowledge through research.  This research will have as its primary objectives:

  • To reduce accidents and accident severity.
  • To reduce the costs of construction and maintenance while improving the quality of the product.
  • To improve the quality of service.
  • To increase the efficiency of planning, operations, and administration.

The Department recognizes the benefits to our operations that may result from this research effort and assigns a high priority to research so these benefits may be realized at the earliest possible time.  The implementation of the knowledge gained through research is a primary goal.

Research work will normally be performed by Department personnel.  Assistance may be sought from universities and consultants when the necessary personnel, talent, or equipment is not available within the Department.  Research within the Department will normally be staffed by personnel having primary responsibility for the area of work involved.

Research Definition

Research is concerned with the advancement of knowledge.  Many classifications have been defined, but for purposes of orienting the quest for knowledge or solving of problems, research can be basically divided into the following types:

  • Theoretical or Basic Research - A systematic investigation endeavoring to obtain a fuller knowledge of natural or socioeconomic phenomena.
  • Applied Research - A systematic investigation to learn how knowledge can be applied to the solution of a problem.
  • Development Studies - A study to translate knowledge or research results into materials, devices, or techniques for the practical solution of a specific problem.
  • Evaluation Studies - A study to measure, test, and evaluate the performance of new developments under operating conditions.

Other studies that do not fit into any of the above classifications may, in fact, be research.   These can be the collection of data on practices, procedures of similar activities, or the demonstrations and improvement of new devices or techniques.

Research Index

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