This page contains information about research projects that are currently underway.

  • Project Description:
  • Under actual conditions in southwestern Idaho, this project will exam proper application and long-term field performance of concrete sealers and their effects on the projected longevity of concrete pavement and bridge decks. The study will test various sealers relating to their ability to effectively seal cracks that develop in concrete bridge decks. This will enable ITD personnel to monitor the concrete health and apply appropriate concrete sealers that will provide the extended life of pavements and minimize corrosion of rebar.
  • The objectives of this project are:
  1. Based upon the evaluation of compounds utilized in Phase 1, the available Idaho specific data base on the efficacy of sealers will be expanded to include several types of sealers used more specifically on bridge deck surfaces through a series of laboratory and field tests.
  2. Several field sites on bridge decks in and around the Treasure Valley and/or the State of Idaho will be established with cores taken before and after the sealing process to monitor how well the selected sealers seal the cracks and establish parameter guidance as to effective selection criteria for future field application.
  3. Complete the testing of cores from the first four sealant field sites and correlate the tests of the cores with the laboratory data obtained during Phase One tests to continue the long-term monitoring of sealant performance.