This page contains information about research projects that are currently underway.

  • Project Description:
  • This project will evaluate the feasibility of using Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures for road sign illumination on Idaho highways and will estimate the cost savings that ITD could achieve by using LED lighting.
  • The objectives of this project are:
  1. To identify LED fixtures that would lend themselves to providing sign illumination with lower costs (operation and maintenance) and performance that equals or exceeds existing HPS fixtures.
  2. To identify physical LED fixture attributes that maximize LED benefits for roadway sign illumination as well as minimizing the chance for major specification adjustments as the technology matures.
  3. To evaluate the performance and costs of identified LED fixtures over a fixed period of time, to verify improved, safety, performance and cost savings compared to HPS fixtures; and to provide data to support improvements.
  4. To make recommendations about how to implement LED technology now and how LED technology will continue to be used in the future with minimum impact on sign structure design or fixture mounting details.