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State Pavement Engineer
(208) 334-8887
  1. Supports Districts and other entities in paving, mix designs and testing of constructed pavements statewide.
  2. Provides assistance in the mix design for paving specifications and contracts statewide.
  3. Assists contractors on Test Strip problems and issues or technical issues in production paving.
  4. Coordinates closely with the ITD Asphalt Mix Lab, Asphalt Lab, Aggregate Lab and SHRP Binder Lab regarding changes to test methods (AASHTO, WAQTC, etc.)
  5. Makes recommendations on changes to be incorporated into Idaho Test methods and standard specifications. Establishes research projects to evaluate new or revised test methods and makes necessary revisions.


Standard Specifications, (Associated with sections)
300 — Bases 400 — Surface Courses & Pavement

Materials Manual, (Associated with sections)
200 — Preparation and Submittal of Reports
220 — Phase I (G) Geological Reconnaissance Report Phase 1 (R) Rehabilitation for Pavement Report
225 — Materials Phase I (R) Rehabilitation for Pavement Report
240 — Phase III Pavement Estimating Report
270 — Material Sources
400 — Guidelines for Investigations
500 — Pavement Design
530 — Pavement Rehabilitation Design
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