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 Roadway Data Section


Our mission is to provide efficient collection, analyses, reporting, and retention of valid statewide traffic data.

We do this by providing accurate and timely information to ITD, the public, the private sector, and other governmental agencies. We also manage traffic related databases, locate, design, and build our own traffic counting sites statewide, and integrate computer-assisted analysis with technical support.

ATR (Automatic Traffic Recorders) - These are permanent roadside systems which collect a variety of traffic data. ATR systems use several different types of sensors and system electronics to record vehicle volume, length, speed, and some classification data. There are approximately 175 ATR's located statewide. Monthly and annual reports are available for most ATR stations.

WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) - These are permanent roadside systems which collect axle weight data as well as vehicle volume, length, speed and classification data. There are 13 WIM systems located statewide. Monthly and annual reports are also available for most WIM stations.

ATR & WIM Data - There is a broad range of annual, monthly and specialty reports available for both ATR and WIM systems. There are also combination reports that provide statewide information. Use the selection procedure below to select, view and download ATR or WIM reports. Thank you for being interested in our data.

Select ATR and/or WIM data by:

Rural Traffic Flow Maps - These annually published maps represent the culmination of all traffic data collection and analysis done by ITD statewide. Separate maps for each year include traffic volume counts for interstate interchanges. For the most recent years there are also separate maps and information for commercial vehicles.

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These reports are maintained by Glenda Fuller, Roadway Data Section. Email:

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