Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is a high-risk behavior. High-risk drivers climb into the anonymity of an automobile and take out their frustrations on anybody at any time. For them, frustration levels are high, and level of concern for fellow motorists is low. Most people believe that the worst thing that can happen if they speed or fail to obey traffic signals is that they will get a ticket, so it's an acceptable risk. Drivers like this are wrong. Maybe even dead wrong, because aggressive driving can kill.  Aggressive driving contributed to 222 deaths on Idaho roads over the last 3 years (2012-2014), and another 1,913 people were seriously injured in aggressive-driver involved crashes.

You are an aggressive driver if you:

  1. Ignore traffic signals
  2. Speed and tailgate
  3. Drive too fast for conditions
  4. Weave in and out of traffic
  5. Make improper lane changes frequently and abruptly
  6. Pass on the shoulder
  7. Make hand and facial gestures
  8. Scream, honk and flash lights

If confronted by an aggressive driver, you should:

  1. Get out of their way as soon as you can safely
  2. Stay calm - reaching your destination safely is your goal
  3. Do not challenge them
  4. Avoid eye contact
  5. Ignore gestures and don't return them
  6. Report aggressive driving (vehicle description, license number, location)
  7. Always buckle up in case abrupt movements cause you to lose control of your vehicle
  8. If it leads to deliberate acts of violence this is Road Rage, which is a criminal act

Report Aggressive Drivers:

  1. Find a safe place to call 911
  2. Be prepared to provide location, vehicle description and license plate.
  3. Report an Aggressive Driver

Road Rage:

Road rage is a serious offense, and occurrences are becoming more common. Road rage is defined as a deliberate, violent act against another driver and is a criminal offense.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Aggressive Driving Program   

Idaho Aggressive Driving Crash Statistics

For more information about Aggressive Driving education and safety awareness efforts in Idaho please contact:

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