WHALE Program Helps Emergency Responders Identify and Rescue Children in Car Crashes

The We Have A Little Emergency (WHALE) kit brochure has been translated to Spanish. If you would like to order or distribute the Spanish WHALE kits, please contact Sherry.Jenkins@itd.idaho.gov or call (208) 334-4460.

Emergency service personnel across Idaho have a tool available to help identify small children involved in motor vehicle crashes. The WHALE program "We Have A Little Emergency" provides instant identification of a child in a car safety seat in the event that an adult in the car is injured and unable to talk.

The WHALE identification card gives emergency personnel information to identify young children involved in a crash. Sometimes just knowing a child's name can help rescue workers comfort young patients. Rescue workers can refer to an identification card attached to the safety seat and find the child's name, medical information and who to contact in case of emergency. Stickers affixed to car windows and the safety seat also alert emergency workers that the child's information is close at hand.

The WHALE kit includes:

WHALE brochure - (English)
WHALE brochure - (Spanish)

For more information on distribution points or to get a WHALE kit, contact Sherry Jenkins, Office of Highway Safety, at (208) 334-4460 or sherry.jenkins@itd.idaho.gov