APPRAISAL UNIT                                                

The Appraisal Unit is administered by the Chief Appraisal Coordinator who is located in Boise's Headquarters Right of Way Office, and is a Licensed Certified General Appraiser.

The Chief Appraisal Coordinator is responsible for inspecting and determining the complexity of highway projects and assigning the appraisals to qualified fee appraisers. The Chief Appraisal Coordinator recruits and maintains a list of qualified fee appraisers, contracts with and assists them through the appraisal process.

The Chief Appraisal Coordinator is also responsible for assigning these appraisals to be reviewed by a qualified fee review appraiser. The contracted Review Appraiser reviews all appraisals for completeness, accuracy, current State and Federal Highway Administration requirements, and certify the "Just Compensation". The final reviewed "Just Compensation" amount will then be offered to the property owners by the Negotiations Unit.

A State Certified General Licensed appraiser is required and responsible for providing appraisals which meet acceptable appraisal standards, (State, Federal Highway Administration, The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice - USPAP standards and The Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions - UASFLA) and which reflect fair market value to be used in the purchase or acquisition of real property.

On those properties acquired through condemnation, hired fee appraisers may be required to testify in the court case which determines the compensation to be paid to the property owner.

For further information about this Department, please call or email Joe Stenkamp:

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