ITD Mailbox

Thanks for expert testimony

Lisa Helton,
Division of Motor Vehicles

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your willingness to come down here and serve as a witness for a case.

I am grateful that you dropped everything and came in such a timely manner. Employees like you are an asset to this state.


Jonathan E. Randy,
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney,
Ada County

Astonished newcomer has questions
(Reprinted from the Idaho Statesman)

I have been a resident of Idaho for a full month, having moved here from another state that will remain unnamed.

I have several questions with not-so-obvious answers:

Why are people here so nice and courteous?

Why did it take me only 20 minutes to get my driver’s license, an experience that in my previous residence took half a day waiting in line, plus the aggravation of dealing with bored and discourteous public employees?

Why are drivers generally courteous and patient? I have learned not to honk my horn and obey the speed limit in only 30 days!

I feel at home already.

Joseph Nahmias,

Published 6-10-2011