129,000 Pound Truck Route Subcommittee

As amended 6/08/2013




This Charter is developed from guidance provided in the combination of 2013 Senate Bills 1064, and 1117, House Bill 322 and the Governor’s transmittal of Senate Bill 1117 to the Secretary of State on April 1, 2013. Membership of the Subcommittee shall include Idaho Transportation Board (ITB) members, Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) staff, and advisors as determined by the Chairman of the Idaho Transportation Board.


The Idaho Transportation Board, in collaboration with Idaho State Police, must draft rules both for criteria that will be used in assessing the suitability of any nominated stretch of road and for the public participation process in considering any proposed designation. (The Governor “…must be satisfied with the process before any rules are approved”.)


Safety must be the highest priority, addressing necessary and prudent restrictions on use of designated routes, enforcement processes from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, mechanical requirements for trucks and trailers, driver certification requirements, pavement and roadbed conditions, bridge conditions and load carrying capacities, geographic conditions, weather conditions, possible restrictions caused by horizontal and vertical alignment, and other factors unique to each area in question. The process of considering nominated routes also must include timely, well-noticed public hearings and notification of adjacent property owners.


Rules developed by the Idaho Transportation Department and approved by the Idaho legislature for the 129,000 Pound Pilot Project referenced in Senate Bill 1064 shall be incorporated as baseline for implementing the thirty five (35) routes made permanent by SB1064. Rules for assessing the suitability of any additional routes that are nominated by the state or any local highway jurisdiction having authority over a nominated highway or highway segment will be developed for consideration and approval by the Idaho legislature as part of the formal rules review process.


The 129,000 Pound Truck Route Subcommittee will meet on an as-needed basis. Subcommittee meetings shall be open to the public and minutes will be taken.