New Permanent Trailer Plates


Permanent trailer registrations and plates are available to both Idaho-based and non-Idaho-based trailers.


Idaho based registrants: Non-Idaho based registrants:
Fees: Permanent trailer registrations purchased on or after July 1, 2009 are not transferable from one trailer to another. Permanent trailer registrations that were purchased prior to July 1, 2009 will continue to be transferable from one trailer to another for the same owner, within the same ITD account.

Business Logo Plate Option

A “business logo” plate is available as well, however in addition to the regular permanent trailer registration fees there will be “up front” programming costs that will have to be paid by the business for which the logo plate is produced. These plates will require design and production time for each business applicant and will be manufactured after the request is made and approved by the department.

Need More Information?

To obtain more information about the North America Permanent Trailer Plate program, or to apply for a regular permanent or business logo plate, contact Commercial Vehicle Services – Motor Carrier:

Application Form

Application form for North American Permanent Trailer Plates