ITD Projects South-Central Idaho I-84 / U.S. 93 Stage II

I-84 / U.S. 93 Stage II

Project Facts
Key – 8107
Project No. – IM-84-3(065)173

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is planning to complete the second stage of reconstruction of the Interstate 84/U.S. 93 interchange located in southern Jerome County. The project consists of replacing the eastbound I-84/U.S. 93 structure, construct new eastbound on and off ramps, and install a new signal and advanced warning flashers.

Project Background

The reconstruction of the interchange started with development of the project in 2001. Stage II was developed on the heels of Stage I and expected to be constructed shortly after its completion. Stage I of the interchange consisted of replacement of the westbound structure, installation of the westbound on and off ramps, and a new traffic signal at the north end of the interchange.

Stage I was started in 2002 and completed by the end of 2003. Initiation of Stage II was delayed in the following years due to reduced funding.

The current eastbound structure was constructed in 1966 and is height restricted for high loads traveling on U.S. 93.

Project Description

The project consists of replacing the I-84 eastbound overpass structure, reconstruct a portion of I-84 as it approaches the structure, construct longer on- and off-ramps to accommodate future circular ramps, relocated the traffic signal south of the interchange and install advanced warning flashers. The structure will be constructed to accommodate for larger oversize loads to travel on U.S. 93. The redesigned ramps will be longer to allow for future improvements and improve traffic flow and safety for traffic on U.S. 93.

During construction, crossovers on I-84 will shift traffic to the westbound lanes to avoid construction. Lane restriction and traffic delays can be expected on U.S. 93.

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