Aircraft/Dealer Registration  

Registration fees collected support the Division’s efforts to maintain backcountry airports, conduct search & rescue operations and provide all of the services Aeronautics offers.

· Registrations are due annually in December.
 Call or complete a registration form and mail it with the fee.
· Registration is in lieu of personal property tax.
· If you sell a plane, let us know.
· Required by Idaho Code 21.114

 Aircraft Registration (click for form)

· 3˘ per pound maximum certified gross weight of the airplane.
· Maximum of $600.
 Minimum of $20

 Dealer Registration (click for form)

· $40 per year plus $1 for each decal.

If you have questions, need charts or directories, or wish to pay by credit card, please contact our office at 208-334-8775


Rules and Regulations governing Registrations in Idaho:

Pilot Registration - this is no longer required as of 7/1/2013
Aircraft Registration
Dealer Registration